VAT on Online Advertisement

National Board of Revenue (NBR) will deduct 15% vat on ads posted on social media platform Facebook, video sharing platform Youtube & search engine Google, according to a statement by Bangladesh Bank on Monday, 4th March, 2019. Banks have been provided with separate instructions by Bangladesh Bank. Instructions to the banks include ensuring VAT deduction from service receiver from the service
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YouTube viewership increases as 4G penetration takes place

Since the launch of fourth generation (4G) mobile broadband in the country, Bangladeshi YouTube channels have seen a spike in subscription. The youth population is the major contributor to this trend. As of October, viewership of the Google-owned video-sharing platform in Bangladesh has grown 64 percent year-on-year to 2.94 crore, according to Google's internal data report. The growth in viewership has
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YouTube Has A New Way To Save On Data Costs For Android Users In India

Google is introducing a new feature in YouTube’s Android app, called Smart Offline. It lets you download videos to your device only during those hours when mobile data is less expensive- usually after midnight and before dawn. Google says it’s gradually rolling out this feature to Airtel and Telenor subscribers and will eventually extend it to all carriers in India.
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Material Design Update For YouTube

YouTube has a new update of material design. This is for making it more user friendly for the channel users. It is much modern and clearer than before. Display picture, cover photo has been redesigned and animation has been made for fluent for user friendliness. The subscribe and support are more raised and upfront.
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