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BIDS says women entrepreneurs now face less social obstacles

Social barriers and a lack of access to finance, the two big obstacles for women to become entrepreneurs, have eased somewhat in the last 8-9 years, a recent study found. Social norms and attitude towards women becoming entrepreneurs have improved between 2009 and 2017, according to the study titled 'Women Entrepreneurs in SME: Bangladesh Perspective 2017'. Social barriers and a lack
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Women Entrepreneur in Focus: Selina Quader

"AgriConcern applies a flexible farm and farmer- oriented approach and works in close cooperation with clients, farmerss and contract farmers to assist them to achieve their production goal along with the creation of markets for their farm produces, wherever possible. We work for preservation of environment, improving quality of life of our farmer partners and attaining poverty alleviation, employment generation
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Innovative Women Entrepreneur: Luna Shamsuddoha

"It’s given me so much confidence as a woman in technology. I’ve seen a change in myself" - Luna Shamsuddoha

Chairperson and president of Bangladesh Women in Technology, Luna Shamsuddoha will strike absolutely no one as a shrinking violet. Honored with Annona Best 10 award for her remarkable execution in local software industry as a women entrepreneur, Luna is Chairman of Dohatec New
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Women Entrepreneur Spotlight – Nasreen Awal Mintoo

Nasreen Awal Mintoo is one of the very few who are playing a significant role, to give the identity of ‘women entrepreneur’ to the confined, domestic women folks of this country. She is the founder Chairperson of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh (WEAB), the first women’s trade organization in Bangladesh in 2000. WEAB organizes seminars, workshops and symposium where business
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Young, Fearless & Smart – Sumaya Kazi

Listed as one of the top 10 inspirational Bangladeshis around the world, Sumaya Kazi has a list of achievements so long; its almost exhausting as it is noteworthy. She has been named one of America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs by Business Week, a Young Person Who Rocks by CNN and was honored by UTNE Reader alongside nonprofit directors, activists and artists
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How Think Global Institute is Helping Pakistani Women Business Owners

TechJuice was in conversation with Amy Scerra – Co-founder and COO at Think Global Institute. TGI comprises of a small team who work with women entrepreneurs scaling up their businesses.The startup is on a mission to create opportunities for women business owners to expand their network and strengthen engagement in communities. The brainchild behind TGI is also a TEDx speaker,
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