The opportunities and challenges of f-commerce for female entrepreneurs of Bangladesh

Facebook, is not only social media, but has become a platform for Bangladeshi female entrepreneurs to conduct business with over 2 crore users in Bangladesh. However, there are opportunities and challenges of this relatively new dimension of conducting business, not as usual. F-commerce stands for Facebook commerce which refers to overseeing online business activities through a Facebook page or Facebook application
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Khaleda Nila: Defining women entrepreneurship through e-commerce

Meet Achia Khaleda Nila: a woman entrepreneur and leading software engineer. Though Achia completed her M.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering, she gained incredible achievement in the arena of fashion designing. She is considered the quintessence of classic fashion and won the “Explore Fashion Talent” award in 2007. At present, Achia dedicates herself in her own fashion business Adhuna.  Her artistic
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Women Techmakers

Techmaker Events Celebrate International Women’s Day

Education, Health, Entrepreneurship-you name it, Bangladeshi women have excelled in every field. And they're doing awesome when it comes to technology as well. To strengthen women's role in Bangladesh's tech scene, Google Developer Groups Dhaka is organizing a series of events titled "Women Techmakers Bangladesh"-in line with the fast approaching International Women's Day. The events will take place between March
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Zen Master of Marketing – Shama Hyder

Branded as the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Fast Company,  Shama Hyder  is an idealistic strategist for the digital age. She is an acclaimed international keynote speaker who has been invited to share the speaking stage with the world’s top leaders such as President Obama and Dalai Lama. Kabani, 27 year
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