Digital Marketing Summit 2016 Held Yesterday In Dhaka

The Digital Marketing Summit 2016 was held yesterday at Le Meridien Hotel in Dhaka. Experts said, companies and brands in Bangladesh should invest in digital marketing to reach out to the technologically connected population. Four specialized sessions by expert digital marketers from Google, Alibaba, WebAble, and SSD-Tech were also held to strengthen the ground-level expertise of digital marketing practitioners.
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Strategy for Difference – Mobile First Marketing Strategy

Originally Published on WebAble. Are you running your own business? – Yes. Congratulations! Do you market your product/service online? – Yes! We do. Oh, that’s great! So, how do you promote your product/service online? – It’s simple! Mostly through “Search Engine Marketing (SEM)” and “Social Media Marketing (SMM)”. Don’t you have a “Mobile First Marketing Strategy”? – No! What is that? How does it work?
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