A Lord and Taylor sign is pictured during Black Friday shopping in New York City, New York, U.S., November 23, 2018. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Black Friday: Online shopping trumps malls for US shoppers

The Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday kickoff of the U.S. holiday shopping season showed the increasing preference for online purchases, as more Americans opted to stay home and use their smartphones while sales and traffic at brick-and-mortar stores declined. The ongoing shift to online shopping has forced retailers across the country to invest heavily in boosting their e-commerce businesses, and also
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Microsoft’s market capitalisation outperforms that of Amazon

Microsoft has overtaken Amazon last Friday to become to the second most valuable US company after Apple. The overtake took place after a disappointing quarterly report by Amazon. It wiped $65 billion of the online retailer’s market capitalisation. Apple Inc tops the list at over $1 trillion after crossing that threshold in September. Microsoft's market capitalisation was Wall Street's highest in
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Dell Pixlr

Microsoft Partner Up With Dell To Put Surface Tablets In Every Office

The Surface Enterprise Initiative will see Dell selling both Surface Pro Tablets and their accessories through its commercial sales channels, and will also provide full Dell Support to those devices. The effort will only be available in the US and Canada when it begins in early October, but it'll spread to the Surface's 28 remaining business-friendly regions by early 2016.
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Bangladeshi American Startup Founder Sued In USA

Aktarer Zaman a Bangladeshi American launched a small startup named Skiplagged that helps air travelers find the cheapest deal. His site uses airline-pricing schemes by identifying “hidden city” fares. Basically it means that suppose one flies from Dhaka to Singapore but instead of flying direct, person books a flight with several stopovers with Singapore being one of the stop over.
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