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Travel startups on attention grabbing feat

The second wave of internet-era travel companies has captured the attention of venture capitalists. In the last five years, travel companies have raised more than $1 billion in venture capital funding. That includes short-term rental startups, travel and tourism apps, marketplaces for “experiences” and other travel or hospitality tech platforms. Airbnb, a $38 billion company and an anomaly in the category, has
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Touristly Partners With Tune Hotels To Provide Holiday Planning Concierge Services

Travel startup Touristly,  extended their integrated online hotel concierge services, easing the reservation procedure for hotel guests looking for tours, activities and visit a place of attractions while on holiday, preliminary with major budget hotel chain Tune Hotels. Is the concierge of your hotel facing challenges when it comes to assisting guests with the to-dos, must-sees, and must-haves? These dire services
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Why Your Travel Startup Might Fail?

A humongous number of startups are being listed every day under the travel category. The industry seems quite lucrative at the moment, but the number of failed startups is also quite high in the sector.  Travel is an insanely hard vertical for new businesses.  For the success of any startups, factors like team, mentors, and investors play very important roles.
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21 Travel Hacks You Need To Know Before You Go

Originally published on The best part of traveling is arriving at your destination. All of the other stuff that comes before is typically a drag. Overpaying for airfare. Check. Cramming your life into a suitcase. Check. Sitting uncomfortably close to strangers in a winged tube in the sky. Ugh, check. Also on your pre-flight checklist: Jumping through the TSA’s anal-retentive hoops
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