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Branding Tips For Startups

Starting a new business is never an easy job. There are lots of aspects you need to think about. The colors you use, your company logo, story, visuals, fonts, pitch decks, etc. represent your brand. From the very beginning of your journey, you need to decide every little thing very carefully. Even in your starting days, your company character and
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Decision Making Tips For Startups

Decision making is very crucial for any startup. The decisions won’t only impact you but also the company’s direction. In the early years of your startup- decision making could be very daunting and even scary. You will have to be very patient throughout and make your decisions very calmly. Here are few tricks to help in your decision making. Prioritize time Startups
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5 Sales Tips For Startups

A successful startup is the result of thousands of hours of work and tremendous effort. Coming up with a great product or service needs so much works, but that’s just the beginning. After that comes the hard part- selling your product. Some startups fail to understand the key meaning of selling. The act of selling is not about pushing the
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5 Common Mistakes of Negotiation

The art of negotiation might often feel uncomfortable, yet being able to negotiate well impacts so many key factors in an individual’s career. From day to day shopping to sealing huge contracts, negotiation impacts our careers in every possible way. It is essential to pump up your negotiation skills for a better future. There are five common mistakes of negotiation
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Dedicated To Bangladeshi Beauty Enthusiasts –

Women take their appearance very seriously. The trillion dollar beauty industry thrives on a very smart and demanding customer base and these customers are getting smarter. With new and more cutting edge products hitting the shelves every week and with the help of internet access, more and more women are becoming more skilled at managing their own health and beauty. It is no
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