SD Asia’s Weekly Tech Roundup

Weekly Tech Roundup Japan is to train Bangladeshi entrepreneurs Japan has expressed interest in training Bangladeshi youth in various tech related areas so that they can be groomed into future entrepreneurs. Initially 10 Bangladeshi men and 10 Bangladeshi women will be selected by the Bangladesh government for the training in Japan. Gradually, the number of intakes will increase accordingly. The training will
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techbubble copy

The Tech Industry Is In Denial, But The Bubble Is About To Burst

Originally published on TechCrunch by  Euphoric reaction to superstar tech businesses is rampant — so much so that the tech industry is in denial about looming threats. The tech industry is in a bubble, and there are sufficient indicators for those willing to open their eyes. Rearing unicorns, however, is a distracting fascination.

The Perfect Storm

Raising funding for tech startups
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business apps

5 Must Have Business Apps

No matter what the size of a business, security should always be a major concern for businesses. At the same time businesses must also rely on affordable mobile applications to keep the operations of the business up and running. Thus businesses sometimes have to rely on the most cost-effective mobile applications to ensure security of business operations. Here is a list
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local tech entrapreneurs

Weekly Local Tech News Roundup

Been busy the whole week? Well, SD Asia brings you the latest tech news from Bangladesh in this Weekly Tech Roundup where you'll find information about key product launches, events and announcements over the past week. gives super discount for Samsung Galaxy Alpha phones along with Samsung have tied up and launched a campaign where users can buy Samsung Galaxy
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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Tech Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is coming up closer, and now is a perfect time to get a gift for your significant other. If roses, dinners and lockets or other ornaments no longer cuts it as a romantic idea of Valentine’s Day gift, tech may be the perfect gift for you. Some couples like to go all out in choosing/buying a gift for
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