Mustafizur Rahman Talks About “How To Startup”

The startup ecosystem is definitely growing up in Bangladesh. More and more people are interested in starting their own business. With the availability of internet connection, smart phones, and continuous support from government and different private organization- young people can now pursue their dream of having their own startup. But starting a startup is not that easy. As an entrepreneur,
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Chinese Tech Giant Baidu Opens AR Lab

Chinese tech giant Baidu is making use of its artificial intelligence research- through augmented reality. Today, the top search engine firm unveiled its AR Lab, a spin-off from its Institute for Deep Learning. Baidu plans to use its new Beijing lab, as well as technology from its AI research- image recognition, object detection, and more- to build smartphone-based AR applications.
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Singapore-Based Human Resource Tech Solution Provider Rewardz Got US$2M From Japan’s Benefit One

Singapore-based human resource tech solution provider Rewardz today announced that Japanese fringe benefit outsourcing service company Benefit One has acquired a majority stake in the startup, with an investment of SG$3 million (US$2.1 million). The company stated that they are going to focus on turning its current entities in Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai profitable in 2017.
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Uber Launched In Dhaka

Uber has launched today in Dhaka streets with its “on demand” mobility platform. The taxi service can be easily availed just by signing up with the Apple or Android app. Users can download the free app from Apple Store or Google Play and sign up with their phone number and email.  Uber driver will reach at the requested destination within minutes.
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