BD Banks Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Written by- Nahid Farzana The investment in cyber security is very less on the banks of Bangladesh. Every day various big and small cyber-attacks are occurring. The recent bank heist in February 2016 abled hackers to steal over $80 Million from the Federal Reserve’s Bangladesh. For creating awareness, various events and seminars are being held. One such seminar was held on this Saturday
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Dropbox Gets More Secure

It seem that Edward Snowden's criticism of dropbox worked since the site is moving to a two-stage security system to protect your files. Soon, in order to perform certain actions on dropbox you will need to give a password and use a usb stored verification system. All you need to do is  input your password and insert your flash drive.
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Malicious Ad Campaign Removed by Yahoo

Yahoo yesterday claimed that a malicious code had gone undetected in its advertising network for around six days. They have however removed the code as soon as they found it. The malicious code used what is called malvertising, which led unsuspecting users to eternal sites that attack their pc's. Yahoo officials refused to comment on the number of advertisers affected.
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