Mobile Data usage increases 46%

Since the introduction of 4G, the usage of internet boosted. Last year's average usage was about 700MB. However, Robi, with 2.83 crore active mobile internet users and 55 lakh regular users, saw 88% increase in data usage in just one year. Grameenphone, with 3.63 crore active internet users and 50 lakh 4G users, saw 52.4% increase in a year. Banglalink
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BTRC moves to fix mobile data price

The government of Bangladesh has stepped up to assign the ceiling and floor prices for mobile data in order to control the cost of browsing internet through smart devices. Currently, price of per megabyte of data ranges from Tk 0.09 to Tk 0.14. However, according to a cost modelling study by the International Telecommunication Union, the minimum price for per
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