5 Essential Components Of Modern Day Marketing

With so much data, so many new channels and so much competition, it can be tough for today’s marketers to find their way through it all. The following provides the essential tools of modern day marketing  and to use those tools that make forming a genuine, helpful connection with your audience a whole lot easier. 1) Automation Some marketers might be hesitant to embrace automation
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Gaining Traction in Startup Marketing

By Tahmid Sadman When it comes to marketing, the stakes are understandably high. The need to manifest creativity, capture mind share, gain loyalty, stand out from the crowd are always pressing and in the ever connected of world of ours, palpable. Proper marketing yields an appropriate degree of exposure, coupled with the right dose of brand equity. It is a consistent
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Why iPhones are better than Android

Why Apple Boldly States: iPhones Are Better Than Androids

In the world of marketing, the rule is never to refer your competitor by name. That’s why you don’t hear: Coke mentioning—we’re better than Pepsi, or, McDonald’s saying—our burgers are better than Burger King’s. Family Guy makes fun of this shabby gesture all the time--by addressing famous brands in parody names--such as: McDaniels, Burger Queen, or Cheery Y-Pad. Well, when it
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