Women entrepreneurs to get app development training from Apple

Apple today announced the launch of the all-new Entrepreneur Camp, a first-of-its-kind initiative designed to create new opportunities for app-driven businesses owned or led by women through an intensive technology lab, specialized support and ongoing mentoring. To be eligible for the program, applying app-driven businesses must be female-founded, co-founded or led and have at least one woman on the development team —
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Essentials For Inspiring Leadership

Any business’s crucial part is its employees. You need motivated employees who would perform their best. If your employees lack commitment and energy on the job, that means you lose productivity. As a leader, you need to engage and energize your employees. Here are some tips to inspire them to do their very best-
  1. Start with yourself
The reality is that
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Achieving High Performance In Strategic Planning And Management For A Startup

BY TAHMID SADMAN High performance lies at the top of every business's agenda. It is a driver which shapes decisions pertaining to almost every front of the business. In the business realm existing in contemporary times, a lot of pivotal issues come to the foray. Maturity and caution coupled with speed and decisiveness--is the name of the game. Incorporation of attributes
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Mastering Your Soft Skills

Work environment as we know it has changed. The 21st century work environment has forced businesses to figure out creative ways to get a lot more work done with fewer people. A leader always wants to create a team of extremely high performing professionals. But sometimes a team backed by a well- tuned set of soft skills may prove to
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