Google Launches 5 New Devices

Google has launched 5 new devices at the latest Nexus event: The premium Smartphone Nexus 6P, Mid-range phone Nexus 5X, 2nd Gen Chromecast, Chromecast Audio & a tablet-Laptop combo Pixel C. Nexus 6P Smartphone Nexus-6P The Nexus 6P has a smaller 5.7-inch screen compared to its predecessor, but features high-resolution AMOLED display. This all-metal
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Apple Music Launching In China

Apple announced that it has rolled out Apple Music, iTunes Movies, and iBooks in China. Apple’s music-streaming and radio service will be available on Android and free with a three-month trial membership, after which it’s $1.5. The company said it will include a strong line up of Chinese artists as well as international.
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google glass

Google Glass: Yet To Make Its Mark

Written by: Mashiat Chowdhury First launched in April 2012, Google Glass failed to create the impression it had anticipated on its consumers. A wearable computer that follows voice commands, Google Glass was made available to a chosen few elite “Glass Explorers” in the US for a fee of $1500 in USA in 2013, and to the general public in 2014. But
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