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15 Startups That Caught Our Eye In 2015

Whoever said, 2015 would be a great year for Bangladeshi startups, can now relax and say—Oh! Yeah, I was right. During 2015, we saw the launch of GP Accelerator, country’s biggest accelerator program for startups; we saw VC firms like Fenox venture officially entering into Bangladesh’s startup scene, and the government finally starting to work on country’s first
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Jetechao: The Ultimate Entertainment Solution

Jetechao is the ultimate entertainment solution, making entertainment easy for the audience. They do so by providing their audience with event listings (Display of every event happening in Dhaka), Ticketing and registering facilities, all on one platform! We often come across people complaining about Dhaka being boring, and how there isn’t much to do. On the contrary to those opinions, there
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