Facebook Down? Hacked Or Not??

You might have faced some issues with Facebook last night. Well, guess what! It’s not just you. The problem was affecting users all around the world. Most people faced a forced log out from the service. They were not allowed to sign back in and given a message from security team that someone might have access to their account. Some people
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Facebook To Release A Fully-Fleshed Out Weather App

Facebook revealed that they are in the process of releasing a fully-fleshed out weather app. The IBM-owned Weather.com powered app is yet to be fully-functional, with android and iOS versions currently accessible while desktop-versions are not yet out. The app will provide an hour-by-hour forecast of the current day and a simplified-version of the predicted weather for the upcoming-week.

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Few Things To Keep In Mind For Facebook Advertisement

Facebook advertisement is currently capturing the most part of promotional aspects of businesses. The potential reach, targeting features, and huge returns do make Facebook promotions more lucrative than traditional advertisements for marketers. But this might not always be the case. Facebook ads might not work for all and also since the competition is growing fiercely, marketers need to proceed with
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