Deligram snags $2 million in Series A

Launching in 2017, Deligram is an innovative ecommerce platform that uses a unique omni-channel ecommerce model. Deligram serves customers through their app or web platform from where customers can order products from a selection of 15,000 and the product will be delivered to them in 24-96 hours. Customers can also pick up their ordered products from any "DGAgents" and skip
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Singapore’s Ecommerce And Logistics Company Anchanto Launches New Software To Help Merchants Sell On A Multitude Of Marketplaces

Ecommerce and logistics company Anchanto has launched a new software platform that helps merchants, brands, and distributors sell products on a multitude of marketplaces. The product, called SelluSeller, was announced today during a company event in Singapore. Users can manage their inventory and simultaneously upload their listings to several ecommerce websites, including Lazada, Matahari, and Flipkart.
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Singapore-Based Ecommerce Startup Shopmatic Has Acquired Taiwanese Ruby On Rails Technology Company 5xRuby

Singapore-based ecommerce startup Shopmatic has acquired Taiwanese Ruby on Rails technology company 5xRuby, it announced today. Partnering with 5xRuby is meant to improve Shopmatic’s tech and give the company an established platform development team. “This acquisition will enable us to scale and enter new markets at a faster pace,” says Shopmatic CEO Anurag Avula in a statement.
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IncuVest: Heart Of Asian Tech Startups

IncuVest is a tech investment firm focused on invention in innovative early stage tech companies. It was founded by Ronnie Wee and Natasha Foong, two experienced serial entrepreneurs, and focuses on investments in startups in Social eCommerce, Gaming, Analytics, Mobile, and Media. IncuVest combines Western and Asian corporate styles with a vast knowledge and experience of building successful businesses.
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The E-commerce Playbook

Originally published on Pi Strategy Consulting We humans are physical and social beings. We like to interact with people and things physically. Overlooking this simple fact and assuming digital interactions can substitute our inherent desires of touch and feel would fundamentally challenge what makes us human. Many of the endeavors with e-commerce tend to overlook this simple fact. We look at
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Now Everyone Can Open E-Shop With Ghoori

Ghoori, a unique ecommerce platform from Bangladesh, has launched their beta version recently. Compared to traditional e-commerce sites, Ghoori is a platform where anyone can create their own identity. This platform offers everyone to open their own eShop for free and run that independently. Ghoori platform is the best solution for any entrepreneur to start their online business effortlessly. This platform
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