Thailand-Based Digital Content Platform Ookbee Has Partnered With Chinese Iinternet Giant Tencent

Thailand-based digital content platform Ookbee has partnered with Chinese internet giant Tencent to build a new user-generated digital content company, called Ookbee U, in the country. Ookbee U will focus on growing a content ecosystem comprised of user-generated comics, music, blogs, fiction stories and novels. It plans to generate over 1 million items of user-generated content in three years.
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NewsCred: Changing The Future Of Content Marketing

NewsCred is a leading platform, which helps businesses determine the best ways to reach their customers through content marketing. Conventionally, businesses have always tried to sell their content through ads. But, now, ads often underperform, due to the competitive nature of social media marketing. Thus, since its inception in 2008, NewsCred has been trying to build new ways to share
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21 Secrets Behind Content That Goes Viral

Originally published on All Top Startups What makes content go viral? It’s a tough question. But the truth is, some writers are good at creating content that get shared hundreds if not thousands of times. What’s their secret? Do they know something you don’t? Yes! They do! The infographic below exposes the secret behind content that goes viral. It shows the absolute BEST time to
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Grameenphone and Wikipedia launch campaign to grow Bangla content

Grameenphone has partnered with Wikipedia to launch a campaign to increase Bangla content in the free encyclopedia. The announcement of the collaboration came at media conference titled "Wikipedia regional contributors meet" at Bishwa Shahitya Kendra on Monday. The campaign will take place from November 27 to December 15 and the campaign is likely to end in February, 2016. The campaign
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fashion makeup

Dedicated To Bangladeshi Beauty Enthusiasts – Shajgoj.com

Women take their appearance very seriously. The trillion dollar beauty industry thrives on a very smart and demanding customer base and these customers are getting smarter. With new and more cutting edge products hitting the shelves every week and with the help of internet access, more and more women are becoming more skilled at managing their own health and beauty. It is no
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