What You Need to Know From Mary Meeker’s Internet Trend Report!

Mary Meeker, a living legend amongst venture capitalist has published critical stats and trends about how technology is evolving. Her annual presentation shows where digital trends and marketing are and where they will be heading in the coming years. Check out some of the important things you need to know from her 2016 Internet Trend presentation. Internet Usage The report shows, the global internet
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Innovation In Advertising Essential For Survival

Bangladeshi advertising agencies need to innovate so they can reach out to greater audiences and survive the marketing competition. This was stressed at Communication Summit 2015 held at Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka. Organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum, the summit was facilitated by Cannes Lions, The Daily Star, Rakeen Development, RFL, WebAble, Masthead PR, Maverick, Roaring Lions and Aamra.  
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The Myth of Online Advertising

The digital media is flooded with advertisements everywhere. But the advertising revenues are falling, this is because the advertising market is apparently a house of cards and fraud is widespread. It has been revealed that almost half of the online ads are actually never seen by a human being. Instead of viewing online ads, people are more into social networks such
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Bangladesh’s Entry into the Digital Vortex Part 1

By Lightcastle Parnters

With the proliferation of smartphones, internet connectivity and social networking in Bangladesh, the digital marketing industry is gaining momentum. This growth trend has been impressive over the last few years with the number of agencies and sectors investing in digital marketingincreasing at a rapid pace.Even though traditional marketing methods are still predominant with a high focus of companies
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