5 Reasons Why Startups Are Not For Everyone

Startups are not for everyone, and that’s no surprise! Otherwise, every person in the world would be a Jack Ma or a Mark Zuckerberg. Entrepreneurs are respected all around the world, and that privilege doesn't come for free. Here’s a list of things you’ll need to check before you start up.
  • Ability to adapt to change: If you’ve worked at large companies
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Don’t Start a Startup…Unless

by Samad Miraly Startups are sexy. Everyone wants to be a founder. But ask many entrepreneurs, and they’ll say ‘don’t do it.’ Why? Because it’s exceptionally hard work. Being an entrepreneur should not be a goal. Neither should 'getting funded.’ These are not in and of themselves valuable. What is valuable is solving a problem. A problem can easily frame goals: Defeat the
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Anupam Infotek Limited: Providing IT Services

Sraban Roy, Writer, Riddle Scribble Anupam Infotek Limited is a specialized firm in Information Technology Service. The company possesses sophisticated technology. It is equipped with multimedia and web development school. Anupam Infotek started its journey in IT service from the year 2002. Anupam Infotek is a new player in the IT sector. Yet its presence is quite noticeable in demand and supply
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Beatnik Designs: Designs That Work

Abdullah al Muhsi, Writer, Riddle Scribble Beatnik Designs, a management service that fosters creativity in the fields of digital marketing. What’s more is that they create digital experiences, high-quality content for brand promotion. An innovative and energetic startup, Beatnik Designs, is something upon which customers can count on, their service is highly reliable. 'Beatnik designs' brings promising prospect when
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InternCity: The Startup Community

By Sraban Roy, Writer, Riddle Scribble InternCity is a Bangladeshi startup that connects the talented, entrepreneurial and passionate young people in Bangladesh. It unites the experienced individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations both locally and internationally with the talented young entrepreneurs of our country. InternCity offers a platform to compete and establish a network. The startup also provides support for getting mentored and to
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Achieving High Performance In Strategic Planning And Management For A Startup

BY TAHMID SADMAN High performance lies at the top of every business's agenda. It is a driver which shapes decisions pertaining to almost every front of the business. In the business realm existing in contemporary times, a lot of pivotal issues come to the foray. Maturity and caution coupled with speed and decisiveness--is the name of the game. Incorporation of attributes
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DO School Connection Challenge: One-Year Startup Fellowships For Social Entrepreneurs

The DO School is a global educational platform dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship, and good business. DO School Connection Challenge: One-Year Start Up Fellowships for Social Entrepreneurs to Develop their Business Idea Deadline: 9 October 2015 Are you driven by a meaningful vision? Do you have a great idea but do not know how to get started? Apply now and become part of the DOSchool
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Vietnam Pixlr

Vietnam’s Startup Ecosystem Is Attracting Fresh Venture Capitalist interest

Many new venture capital (VC) firms have entered the Vietnamese startup ecosystem and are excited about the upcoming opportunities in the country. The things that seem to be driving investor interest are favorable demographics and scalable business models. The number of Vietnamese startups have now reached 1,400. Vietnam is still a large, young, and fast-growing economy. This is because digital numbers- like internet
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Indonesian e-commerce

Commitment: One Of The Major Issues For Indonesian Startups

Indonesian startup founders often have many different career options, which makes it difficult for them to focus on their projects and believe that startups are the most promising paths to success. Each year, Bandung Digital Valley (BDV), a startup incubator in Indonesia, tries to add 30 startups to its five-month program (June-November). This year the program fielded 600 applications but selected
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Barnaporichay- Make Your Child Learn Bengali As Never Before

Barnoparichay is a completely new and interactive app released in 2015 for kids who want to learn Bengali. It is developed by Innofied Solution- one of the emerging companies proficient in mobile and web application development, which was established in year 2012. The app is based on the book pioneered by Masterful Visionary Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. It was designed and developed
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Chorki: A New Bangladeshi Search Engine

Chorki is a Bangladeshi search engine which incorporates local psychology, culture, and lifestyle in its platform. Launched in May (2015), startup Chorki’s mission is to create a search engine for Bangladeshi people and content. Chorki wants to help local entrepreneurs to start and promote their businesses online. The biggest difference between Chorki and existing search engines such as
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ThemeXpert – Making Websites Simple

ThemeXpert is a web-developing site. ThemeXpert use Joomla templates, Photoshop, Bootstrap and jQuery to serve the latest trend of design. CEO of ThemeXpert - Parvez Akther - has been working with Joomla! since 2006 and he has developed 100+ websites for clients. For every client he worked with, he needed to build or tweak templates. So he decided to build
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