Our Story

Who We Are.

SD ASIA creates content about startups, entrepreneurs and business in Bangladesh by connecting with our audience here in Bangladesh and tapping into a larger audience abroad.

We want to make SD ASIA the most innovative regional online content site for businesses supported by the community and entrepreneurs. We want to take business journalism to a whole new level, with our principles built on supporting new technology, entrepreneurial culture and storytelling where the people participate.

How we engage.

SD ASIA intends to inspire action through the following:

– story telling

– startup events at The Wave

– creating market access for entrepreneurs

– workshops and capacity development

– mentorship

– funding linkage

– startup job network

– PR & branding

Our Backstory.

SD ASIA started off as a crowd funded documentary titled Startup Dhaka which raised over US$9000 from 56 backers from around the world. The film’s objective was to create awareness about startup community in Dhaka. After receiving positive reception and encouragement for the film, the team pivoted to make an online content site to promote local ideas and businesses and to keep the story going.