App Store reached $5.4B in Q4 2016

According to SensorTower report,  the Apple App Store reached $5.4B in Q4 2016, a 60% increase year-on-year.Google's Play Store enjoyed an even bigger growth - 82% compared to the same period of 2015, but is still trailing the App Store in absolute figures - its $3.3B total is less than what Apple's store generated the year before.
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Microsoft Acquires Maluuba

Microsoft has acquired The Montreal-based startup Maluuba. Maluuba focuses on natural language processing, in service of pursuing general artificial intelligence, or building computers that can think like people. Microsoft notes in a blog post that its work will help with Microsoft’s broad goal of making AI more accessible and useful to the general public.
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Google Voice Gets an Update

Google Voice is preparing to roll out a significant update. Several Google Voice users this week reported seeing an upgrade link touting “the new Google Voice” on the web version of the service, along with a link that would let them try it out. Google confirmed that it’s working on some updates to Google Voice.
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