EMK Center Maker Lab Coordinator

The EMK Center will open a Maker Lab in Dhaka that will include work-space for members’ ventures, and provide all members with the space and resources to learn and explore digital fabrication technologies.

Maker Labs, often referred to as STEM labs provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering, outside of what they would find in their traditional classroom.

The STEM acronym is derived from the traditional STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, while additionally incorporating the fields of Art and Design for creative and innovative engagement.

The goal of the EMK Maker Lab is to empower youth the knowledge and skillset to be competitive during a time of rapid technological development, by providing them with access to high-tech resources, like-minded peers, business connections, and inspiring mentors. The EMK Maker Lab will introduce 21st century skills and inspire a lifelong love of digital literacy, innovation at an early age.


The Maker Lab Coordinator will provide organizational capacity and expertise that will allow EMK’s Maker Lab to flourish. The EMK Center is seeking someone whose skills and passions span three areas: digital fabrication and design, teaching, and business. This position requires someone who has a thorough knowledge of digital fabrication equipment (e.g. 3D printers, software development and design, and computer animation). Additionally, a love of working with youth and the ability to teach and manage young learners is a must. Finally, the Maker Lab Coordinator will also have a business background, preferably in an entrepreneurial setting. The EMK Center’s success is dependent on the commitment and strength of its staff. As such, the input and participation by all staff members in various community events and trainings is critical.


  • Develop and teach lessons for students on digital arts fabrication and design
  • Coordinator will be responsible for developing and delivering weekly innovative Maker Lab programming.
  • Provide insight and input into the overall Maker Lab curriculum and program design;
  • Support and guide students as they learn to utilize the Maker Lab resources;
  • Coordinate daily program calendar and logistics (e.g. supplies, room set-up, etc.);
  • Support all of the day-to-day operations for the in-house businesses (e.g. plan, collaborate etc.);
  • Help develop annual and multi-year strategic plans;
  • Manage the social media presence for the Maker Lab;
  • As needed, conduct Maker Lab education-related research, presenting key findings;
  • Assist in the maintenance of the Maker Lab to ensure a productive, safe, professional, and fun environment for students and staff;
  • Participate in outreach meetings and learning with community partners and stakeholders; and
  • Other duties as assigned based on the needs of the in-house businesses and skills/interests of candidate.
  • Should be comfortable with a hands-on approach, particularly an ability to teach the use of hand tools, electronics, computer software, hardware, desktop fabrication and various other technologies.
  • Coordinate with technical support of The EMK center and enforce policies inside Maker Lab on better utilization.
  • Ensuring physical security, keep detail accounting with consumption of all equipment of the Maker Lab


  • Proven ability in the use of digital arts/fabrication software and equipment;
  • Knowledge in maintaining digital software/ equipment including 3D printers, audio/music/visual production.
  • Comfortable with a hands on approach, particularly an ability to improvise with audiences of varied ages, the use of hand tools, electronics, computer software, hardware and various other technologies
  • Interest/abilities in physical computing, open source hardware and software, video and audio production, and desktop fabrication.
  • Strong communications skills with the ability to express ideas clearly both in written and oral communications and capacity to use social media.
  • Experience teaching in an educational or youth development setting;
  • Professional experience within an entrepreneurial venture or established business related to product development, sales, and client management;
  • Sincere motivation to work collaboratively with an energized, committed, and diverse team;
  • Action-oriented, entrepreneurial, adaptable, and innovative approach to business;
  • Practical entrepreneurial experience and avid interest in staying current on new developments in technology, tools, and products that would be useful to and appreciated by constituent group.
  • Required software knowledge: 3d Studio Max, Auto Cad, Maya, Sketchup, different game engines, Adobe Creative Suite (Including Premier, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, Acrobat) and computer animation.
  • Required hardware and OS knowledge on Apple computers, specifically Mac Pro series
  • Required expertise and experience on handling different DJ and sound equipment
  • Competency using a variety of computer software, including Excel, Word, and databases.
  • Experience in communications, including web management, graphic design, and creative uses of other forms of media required.
  • Highly organized;
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, oral, and computer skills;

Qualified candidates will possess a minimum of an undergraduate degree in a STEM-related field and will possess experience in an educational Maker Lab environment. A graduate degree in a related content area or education is preferred. Educational requirement might be overlooked for the deserving candidates (experienced in practical application).

05 days a week


Ability and willingness to participate in events outside the workday schedule.

Must be available to work evenings and weekends.

Compensation: BDT 50,000 / per month (All inclusive)

Step 1. Duly fill up this electronic form: http://bit.ly/EMK-Make
Step 2. Send your resume with color photograph to: program+hr@emk.com.bd

Note: Your mail should contain a cover letter explaining why you think you are fit for the job and the subject of your mail should read: NAME – YOUR AREA – POSITION YOU APPLIED FOR (e.g. ASIF RAHMAN – DHANMONDI – EMK Maker Lab COORDINATOR

Application Deadline: August 25, 2015

Mustafizur Rahman Khan