Paradox of Management: Teachings vs. Reality

People from business schools are familiar with most of the concepts of management. Some concepts such as motivation, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, coordination, etc. have proven to be of huge importance to large multinational corporations as well as to small companies and startup ventures. However, some concepts of management are so overrated that it seems almost too good to be
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Innovation Xtreme takes place, $2 million seed fund announced.

Innovation Xtreme-an initiative of Startup Dhaka and the most anticipated entrepreneurship event this year took, place recently at the Radisson Hotel in Dhaka. The event brought together over 350 people including entrepreneurs, investors, corporate employees, along with students and aspiring entrepreneurs. The theme for Innovation Xtreme this year was ‘Innovation in Bangladesh’. Sessions and workshops featured big names from home and
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5 Video Games to Learn Business Lessons From

If you’re an entrepreneur, or an aspiring one, here are five video games/video game series that will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your acumen and learn from. A myriad of video games involve mindlessly killing and hurting people in so many ways. This single attribute has been used by many to blame video games for prolific violence. That being said,
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Could Wearable Technology Change Business?

Wearable technology businesses will very likely thrive, and it may change how businesses is done everywhere else. There has been much excitement over the months regarding Google Glass, Pebble and iWatch. Wearable technology is seen by many to be interesting, fancy futuristic gadgets, but some see how it could utterly transform the world of business. Massive implications are already there in
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The Bengali Filmmakers

film feat

What is Bengali filmmakers? What is your service all about?

The Bengali Filmmakers is a creative initiative by a group of friends with knacks of storytelling and curiosity of exploring things around us through visual medium. This initiative is now slowly pacing towards an emerging innovative production company. We try to
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