Should End Justify The Means OR Means Justify The End

  K.M Saqiful Alam, a renowned lecturer from North South University points out what is wrong in the approach towards education of the majority of university going students in Bangladesh, and discusses what needs to be done. “In very recent times, education, especially secondary and tertiary education, is manifesting as a big issue of concern. At present, we have a large number graduates unemployed,
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5 Ways to Deal with Unresponsive Clients

Figuring out how to deal with unresponsive clients has really become a challenge for the modern business organizations. It has often been seen that whenever you need important feedback from your prospective customers, your customers seem to stop communicating with you. Here are some methods that business organizations can adopt to deal with unresponsive clients:
  1. Do not over prioritize yourself:

Remember it’s
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Increasing consumer confidence in Asia Pacific

Consumers in the Asia Pacific remain largely optimistic in their economic outlook despite the continued uncertainty in the global economy with the only exception being Australia. MasterCard is a technology Company in the global payment industry. They operate the world’s fastest payment processing networks, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries. The MasterCard Index of Consumer
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Paradox of Management: Teachings vs. Reality

People from business schools are familiar with most of the concepts of management. Some concepts such as motivation, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, coordination, etc. have proven to be of huge importance to large multinational corporations as well as to small companies and startup ventures. However, some concepts of management are so overrated that it seems almost too good to be
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Innovation Xtreme takes place, $2 million seed fund announced.

Innovation Xtreme-an initiative of Startup Dhaka and the most anticipated entrepreneurship event this year took, place recently at the Radisson Hotel in Dhaka. The event brought together over 350 people including entrepreneurs, investors, corporate employees, along with students and aspiring entrepreneurs. The theme for Innovation Xtreme this year was ‘Innovation in Bangladesh’. Sessions and workshops featured big names from home and
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