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8 Ways to Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

Most businesses understand that social media presence is unavoidable. The corollary to this fact, however, is that social media will also generate negative word of mouth that spreads more quickly than in traditional media and has a palpable impact on the firm’s brand value. Accidents happen from time to time: customers can get defective products, unsavory ingredients may get mixed up
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Google Bus Out On The Streets

From November 12th, Google Buses will be seen throughout the streets of Dhaka. And this is by no means the same Google buses in San Francisco which were merely there to help Google employees commute. The purpose behind this initiative in Dhaka is a lot bigger. Google Bus Bangladesh is an educational initiative for the college and university students of the
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The Biggest Startup Event Kicks Off With A Bang

Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh will never be the same again. Startup Dhaka hosted Innovation Extreme, one of the most highly anticipated Entrepreneurship events of the year, Innovation Xtreme. A massive showcase that brought the biggest names in the Dhaka Startup community under one roof along with honored guests, industry leaders, high profile corporate figures, renowned Startup community leaders from abroad along with
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Should End Justify The Means OR Means Justify The End

  K.M Saqiful Alam, a renowned lecturer from North South University points out what is wrong in the approach towards education of the majority of university going students in Bangladesh, and discusses what needs to be done. “In very recent times, education, especially secondary and tertiary education, is manifesting as a big issue of concern. At present, we have a large number graduates unemployed,
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5 Ways to Deal with Unresponsive Clients

Figuring out how to deal with unresponsive clients has really become a challenge for the modern business organizations. It has often been seen that whenever you need important feedback from your prospective customers, your customers seem to stop communicating with you. Here are some methods that business organizations can adopt to deal with unresponsive clients:
  1. Do not over prioritize yourself:

Remember it’s
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