The Best Jobs For Every Personality Type

Have you ever wondered which job will best suit your personality? This infographic explores four major personality types, and recommends some of the best job fits for each of them. If you want a reference point, there are also examples of famous personalities of each type. Which personality type do you most identify with? Feel free to let us know. [caption id="attachment_7825" align="alignnone"
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google glass

Google Glass: Yet To Make Its Mark

Written by: Mashiat Chowdhury First launched in April 2012, Google Glass failed to create the impression it had anticipated on its consumers. A wearable computer that follows voice commands, Google Glass was made available to a chosen few elite “Glass Explorers” in the US for a fee of $1500 in USA in 2013, and to the general public in 2014. But
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Inspirational Individuals to follow In 2015 in Bangladesh

In the startup and Entrepreneurship scene in Dhaka, there have been many individuals who have made huge impacts. These people have done much to bring about boosts and attention to the concerned environment. They have promoted women entrepreneurship, e-commerce, taken initiatives to reduce barriers and so on. Some are social entrepreneurs who live to make positive changes. But their activites
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SD Asia

SD ASIA Partners with The Independent

SD ASIA is a content and event platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors. From May 2014, you've seen SD ASIA (formally Startup Dhaka) bring you stories about local entrepreneurs and startups. We've told you about all the cool things happening in the Startup culture of Dhaka and Bangladesh, including hackathons, workshops, competitions and other events. After Innovation Xtreme in November,
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