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Dutch Trade Missions Promoting Bangladesh

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands (EKN) has partnered with Nyenrode Business Universiteit to stimulate economic relations between the Netherlands and Bangladesh. Strategic aim of the embassy is to strengthen bilateral commercial ties in a responsible manner and support the improvement of Bangladeshi business environment. As a part of this program, the embassy has targeted four key sectors; agriculture,
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Kalsoom Lakhani &Tareen Hossain on Innovation Xtreme

Kalsoom Lakhani is the Founder/CEO of Invest2Innovate, or i2i, which supports startups and the broader entrepreneurship ecosystem in developing markets, beginning in Pakistan. Prior to i2i, Kalsoom was the director of Social Vision, the venture philanthropy arm of ML Resources. She is a Global Ambassador for Sandbox, a global network of innovators under 30, and is a member of the
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The Instagram Diaries: A Success Story

Written by: Mashiat Chowdhury In this era, we cannot even imagine sharing a photograph without a good filter to tweak its hippie look. Nor can we imagine having the time to sit down and narrate the day’s experience in our personal journal anymore. This is where Instagram does it for us: it creates an online journal of daily lives using those beautifully tweaked
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Kamal S. Quadir on Innovation Xtreme

  Kamal S. Quadir is a Bangladeshi American entrepreneur and artist best known as the creator of CellBazaar. Kamal is currently heading bKash which provides financial services through an extensive network of community-based agents and existing technology. Kamal is one of the most-cited thinkers in mobile innovations. He is the founder of Open World Initiatives, a member of Anwarul Quadir Foundations
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Want A Successful Business? Here’s Some Techniques

Techniques are the built on necessity. Necessity is the mother of invention. Knowledge acquired through dedication and devotion for a change leads to invention. Invention leads to innovation that becomes ideas. Ideas are transformed to products and services that either gives satisfaction in terms of material or immaterial gains. In the business world, ideas are turned to gold by use of
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