“Dealoka” – A modern platform for intelligent advertisement

Dealoka is a mobile platform that helps merchants to advertise their business to their most important customers. Dealoka started of in mid 2014 and is one of the first graduates of Indosat's accelerator program, Ideabox. Dealoka gives users e-vouchers based on interest and location, allowing merchants to push promotions to drive offline traffic to their physical stores. Since its launch
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Facebook Plans to Launch Voice-to-Text in Messenger

Facebook is planning to invest in developing more capabilities in its messenger application, such as voice-to-text transcription and tools for consumers to communicate with businesses. Facebook is planning to add more tools and plugins into the messenger in 2015 to enhance the user experience for the application. The application already has about 500 million users, which is expected to increase
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A banker takes the elevator at Bank Audi head office in Beirut

30 Second Elevator Pitch

One important skill every entrepreneur must have is the ability to give impressive presentations and pitches. Mastering the 30 second elevator pitch is not an easy task. This article however, will make your life easier. You only have 30 seconds to get someone’s attention before they start doodling in their brain. Yes people Doodle. Around the world, it’s called an elevator
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8 Bangladeshi Ventures Fly to Seattle for Training Via Project Catalyst

Entrepreneurship is a wonderful opportunity to not only take your life in your own hands, but also to do some social good. Over the years, Bangladesh has seen numerous ventures come to limelight with a strong social activist mindset. To engage Bangladesh's untapped and talented youth, to help catalyze social change and to empower the masses. There are success stories
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Why We Won’t Hire You

In our current startup, SD ASIA, we hired many people in full time, part time, and internship roles. A few have been fired too! We take hiring very seriously, as you can always end up with dead weight which can bring the ship down. Recently we advertised for a full time position, and the first filter happened right after we
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