ADB Tracer Study: Bangladesh Computer and Software Engineering Tertiary Education

Summary of “Bangladesh: Computer and Software Engineering Tertiary Education in 2018.” By Asian Development Bank (ADB)

The study was aimed to help government with evidence to inform and design better policy interventions for IT/ITES education and training. This study tracks the graduates of computer science and engineering and/or institutes of information technology (CSE/IIT) from nine universities in Bangladesh to understand the current system. Presently Bangladesh being among world’s fastest growing economy is going through the process of getting 4th Generation Automation in different industries. Bangladesh Government’s Digitalization plan includes establishing IT parks along with boosting technology entrepreneurship development. In the findings of the study a vast difference is seen in among different universities’ quality of education, education materials, facilities available etc. depending on the location and other factors which has resulted in difference in the graduates’ job placement rate among universities as well as their pay grade. It was seen that there resides a huge gender gap in the ITS sector. The students are in need of career guidance, skilled and informed faculties, improvement in university infrastructure along with soft skill development which will ensure the fresh graduates’ jobs.




Tasfia Fairooz