Startup Dhaka Incubator Batch 2

After the successful demo day of batch 1 Incubator, Startup Dhaka has opened registrations for the 2nd batch.

Startup Dhaka has been working to create a startup ecosystem in Bangladesh for over 6 years, devoting its resources in mobilizing young entrepreneurs by taking them from ideation to MVP and giving them a platform to connect with potential local and global investors. Startup Dhaka has run GP accelerator programs, startup workshops, and online and offline courses. They also have worked with 1500+ startups, facilitated 68 investments, arranged over 35 startup events, and have published over 78 online courses. Now Startup Dhaka is launching  its next Incubator program.

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In 60 days incubation program is designed to help early stage startups to move ideas into a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stage, and eventually seed investment ready. The program curriculum will cover the systematic approach to Customer Discovery, Design Thinking, Product Development, Market Sizing, Fundraising – everything an early stage startups needs to cover but teams find it hard to get support in our market. 2 months of intensive learning with industry experts will help founders to prepare an investment ready pitch to investors. No equity is required but the program will cost Tk. 20,000 after acceptance into the incubator.

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Shohoz, one of the fastest growing ride-sharing platforms in Bangladesh is the supporting partner of Startup Dhaka Incubator. LightCastle Partners, Edge Research & Consultancy, Upskill, Augmedix and Moar have also joined as partners in Startup Dhaka Incubator Batch 2.

The Startup Dhaka Incubator batch 1 had teams like Akash, Minimal Furniture catching eyes of angel investors and BD venture. They had gone through a rigorous training to bring their ideas into reality and make it into a pitch for investors. Startup Dhaka Incubator Batch 2 can be your platform for growth and bringing your ideas into viable product. You also get the chance to pitch your investors and stakeholders at the end of our program which gives you the chance to show your numbers to the investors to get their interests.  

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Mustafizur Rahman, CEO & Founder of Startup Dhaka said, “We are very excited about Startup Dhaka Incubator Batch 2. We have seen many startups struggling to validate their ideas in the market for lack of right mentorship. Our experience in investing and mentoring early stage companies has given us a real advantage in providing practical insights that founders can readily apply in their businesses. This time we have shortened the 3 months Incubator program to 2 months so that we can focus on accelerating the learning process for people to build faster”.

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Startup Dhaka Incubator would not have come to fruition without Shohoz, LightCastle Partners, Edge Research & Consultancy, Upskill, Augmedix and Moar coming forward with a mutual goal of growing the startup ecosystem of Bangladesh.

The best team voted by mentors based on performance will be given 3 months co-working space by our partner Moar in Dhanmondi.

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