Startup Dhaka Conducted First of its Kind “Wealth Management Forum”​ in Bangladesh

Startup Dhaka has organized first of its kind wealth Management Forum on September 9th, in Partnership with IDLC Finance Limited, LightCastle Partners, and Upskill. The event was packed with 16 speakers, 8 presentations, 2 panel discussions as well as some insightful Bangladesh market forecast. Participants can learn in detail about managing money and investment opportunities. The event was deigned to break misunderstanding about financial planning and show the various investments and tax saving schemes that everyone can apply to grow their savings.


Following the success of the Alternate Investment Forum hosted on April, 2019, Startup Dhaka believed Wealth Management Forum to be of high relevance. The Wealth Management conference from Startup Dhaka had explored core themes impacting personal financial sector, including how various investment products can offer solutions and gain greater savings. The event was an opportunity to share ideas, discover trends and network with peers across the wealth industry. The event had brought thought leadership from brands like IDLC, IFC, MetLife, Ace Advisory, Huda Vasi Chowdhury & Co, Pegasus Tech Ventures, Edge AMC Ltd., Build Bangladesh, Light Castle Partners, The Legal Circle, Bangladesh Angels, & Startup Dhaka.


The forum presented 16 different influential speakers who have mastered wealth management in their professional and personal life including Bijon Islam the CEO of LightCastle Partners; Asif Khan, Managing Partner of Edge AMC; Ahmed Abdullah-Al- Tamjeed, Head of Marketing & Sales, IDLC Asset Management Ltd.; Anita Ghazi, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh; Founder & Partner, The Legal Circle; Publisher & Co-Editor, LCLR & Think Legal BD.; Seezan M. Choudhury, Partner, ACE Advisory; Mohammad Kamruzzaman, Director, Employee Benefits, MetLife; Nirjhor Rahman, CEO, Bangladesh Angels, Former Country Director, YGAP; Nuzhat Anwar, Senior Country Officer at International Finance Corporation; Arastoo Khan,Chairman, Build Bangladesh Advisory Board; Arif Khan, CEO & Managing Director, IDLC Finance Limited; Javed Noor, General Manager, IDLC; Shameem Ahsan General Partner of Pegasus Tech Ventures; Samad Miraly, Co-founder, Startup Dhaka.


The event started with the opening remarks from Mustafizur Rahman, CEO Startup Dhaka at the Olives Hotel.

One of the speakers Shameem Ahsan, General Partner of Pegasus Tech Ventures stated, “I would like to congratulate Startup Dhaka and IDLC for organizing the first Wealth Management forum. I think globally the venture capital companies have a lot of contribution in building companies like Google, Facebook.  Sequoia was instrumental in supporting Google, there were Accel Partners and Greylock Ventures who helped Facebook to be a multi billion dollar company. I think the members of venture capital and private equity associations, VCs in Bangladesh will equally contribute in developing the startup ecosystem of Bangladesh and building a few unicorns from Bangladesh”.


Shawkat Hossain Consultant, Huda Vasi Chowdhury & Co, Ex CEO of BD Venture was one of the speakers. He stated, “We need these types of events more because people should know more about these sorts of money management instruments. There is lack of awareness among people even those who have money. They don’t have a lot of ideas about the money growth instruments in the market. People know about one or two instruments about investments but there many other investment opportunities that needs to be highlighted. We should know first about the pros and cons of all these instruments for investing. So this type of event like Wealth Management Forum by Startup Dhaka should happen regularly”.


Arif Khan, CEO & Managing Director, IDLC Finance Limited spoke in the event. He stated, “The program Wealth Management Forum, organized by startup Dhaka went very well. The kind of participant that we have seen today they are real people who wants to have an opportunity to learn about what are the alternative investment products are available in Bangladesh and how can they really participate in that and the kind of panel discussion and presenters that you have organized are the people who are in the eco system. It’s a very good and timely initiative. And am sure that whatever we are seeing in the entrepreneurship, Startup business eco system, startup Dhaka is doing a really good job and this I think is a great success. I think that in future Startup Dhaka when they will come up with these kinds of events, IDLC can always be partner in your initiatives”.

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Panel Discussion on “Impact Investment, Changing Bangladesh” took place under Bijon islam as Moderator.

A panel discussion took place on “Alternative Investment in Bangladesh – the way of the future” moderated by Samad Miraly, cofounder of Startup Dhaka.

After the panel discussion ended, the Networking session started.

Dr. Ismail Sayeed CEO and Founder, VIOS Health care participated in the event. He said, “A doctor will say health is wealth. An entrepreneur knows that wealth gives health. By making the right financial decisions as I learned here at the Wealth Management Forum by Startup Dhaka, people like you and me can lead a life with purpose and freedom as we always wanted”.

Another of the participants from the Management Forum Stated, “It was a great event, I personally learnt a lot. Especially about the intricacies of inheritance, Tax and Mutual Fund Investments. The discussions were very specific and insightful”.

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