Wealth Management Forum by Startup Dhaka

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Wealth Management Forum presented by Startup Dhaka in Partnership with IDLC Finance Limited, LightCastle Partners, and Upskill is scheduled to be held on 7 September, 2019 from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm in the Olives Hotel, Gulshan 1. Following the success of the Alternate Investment Forum hosted on 27 April, 2019, this is an event that Startup Dhaka believes to be of high relevance. This event aims to help individuals understand how to better manage and grow wealth navigating through the intricacies of the financial system in the context of Bangladesh. Startup Dhaka is expecting to host young professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, non-resident Bangladeshis, and high net-worth individuals as audience. 

Because the days of saving your money in the banks are over, it is high time you think of portfolio of investments, mutual funds, inheritance planning, impact and alternate investment, insurance, real estate investments  and tax savings to grow and manage your wealth. 

In the seminar, Bijon Islam will speak on “Forecast and Growth Industry in Bangladesh & Tax Incentives for Industries by Government”. Asif Khan will be covering “Mutual Funds as Investment Vehicle”. And we will also have Ahmed Abdullah-Al- Tamjeed covering wealth management overview on the seminar. 

The seminar will have Anita Ghazi speaking on “Inheritance Planning for Beneficiaries”. Seezan M. Choudhury will be speaking on “Personal Tax Implications on Wealth Management”. The seminar will also have Mr. Mohammad Kamruzzaman as one of the speakers.

Panel Discussions on “Impact Investment , Changing Bangladesh” in the seminar will be held with Nuzhat Anwar along with Arastoo Khan and Nirjhor Rahman.

Javed noor General Manager, IDLC is going to speak and give Overview of IDLC VC Fund.

In Panel discussion on topic “Alternative Investment in Bangladesh – the way of the future” participants are going to be Shawkat Hossain,  Arif Khan, and Shameem Ahsan. The Panel discussion will have Fayaz Taher, Co-founder, Startup Dhaka as Moderator.

So attend the event to know exactly how you can grow your wealth out of proportions compared to your usual fixed deposit interests. Register here: https://startupdhaka.org/wmf


Tasfia Fairooz