Saying goodbye to GPA

After accelerating 26 teams in the last 3 years, it’s time to say goodbye. 

It all started with an email from GP’s then Head of Strategy, Erlend, who happened to watch our Startup Dhaka documentary. He invited us for a meeting, which led to his asking for a proposal to do something to promote the local startup ecosystem. We worked on four proposals,

and one of them happened to be an accelerator program. It took an intense 6 months of negotiations and back-and-forths developing a program that was right for Bangladesh. 

In the last few years, we’ve had tremendous learnings and developed a great camaraderie with many of the Grameenphone team, including  the management team. We also had the support of numerous mentors – local and international – and partners to bring one of best mentorship programs in the country to market. We had the support from GP’s GPA core team and our own admin team that managed the day-to-day operations of the program. 

As resident entrepreneurs, the management team of Startup Dhaka tried to bring our learning and experience of running both traditional and tech businesses. We also shared our expertise as investors and tried to instill the key metrics among the teams, which ultimately led to many of the startups receiving funding and, in a few cases, we ourselves provided follow-on funding.  

It literally took a village to build one of the best accelerator programs in the country. 

As the startup ecosystem enters a new level of maturity, we are moving on to tackle new problems and challenges, specifically institutional funding for startups, which we realised is a critical gap in our market

After 3 years of partnership we wish Grameenphone all the very best. 

Signing off

Mustafiz , Fayaz & Samad

Startup Dhaka Team

Mustafizur Rahman Khan