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The Search English facebook group was founded in June 2016 with the slogan “Learn English to Change Life” by Search English Limited, a Startup Company of Bangladesh founded by Razib Ahmed along with Abul Khayer, Neyamot Ullah and SM Mehdi Hasan. At present the group has more than 1.9 million users. Out of that 1 million is from out of Dhaka. A significant number of members are from around 100 countries. 1000 success stories and growing every day. The group members help each other to become more fluent in English.

Facebook Community Leadership Program (FCLP)

Razib and the idea of Search English is the first and only FCLP fellow selected for 2019.  Facebook is committed to supporting and empowering community leader like Razib to build strong, supportive communities and create positive social impact. Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

How it works

Search English is an open platform for people to practice English like a language and develop their level of proficiency in English writing and have a better career and better life. Which is why, our slogan is “Learn English to Change life.” People of any age or any educational background-school , college, university, business person, job holder, etc.- can come to this site and learn English writing. One can write on any topic as long as it is not controversial or offending according to our social norm. Search English is free. We do not charge money to anyone. At Search English we strive to develop skilled English writers.


How it changes life

A person with good English writing skills will get quick promotions in his/her job. These days, freelance outsourcing has become popular in our country. In order to become a better freelance outsource person, one must have good English reading and writing skill. Finally, with the arrival of e-Commerce in our country, demand of skilled English content writer only went up.


Razib Ahmed

Founder & CEO

Razib Ahmed is the founder of Search English and he is the leading key person working as the Chief Executive Officer of this platform.

In such a situation, Search English believes that the platform will be able to create a group of people who have good skill in English writing.


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