The Big Comeback of Comfy Shoes – Digital Nomads’ Impact on Fashion

For decades, we have been dressing up for work following a strict dress code. These sets of rules and standards for dressing usually made a big impact on the employees, often making them feel uncomfortable. Women often fell victims to the notorious dress codes. From pencil skirts and tight button-ups, shoes were often the fatal part. Many women are used to wearing pointy heels that leave their poor feet restless and in pain. But as time progresses, many companies and jobs don’t require a strict dress code, opting instead for a more casual fit, enabling employees to work in a relaxed environment. With the rise of remote jobs and the ability to work outside the office, people have a wider range of outfit options to choose from. And while it’s so simple to create a comfortable outfit that looks stylish, it gets trickier with shoes, so let’s take a look at some comfortable everyday options:


Who said comfortable shoes can’t be trendy? Crocs took the fashion industry by storm, popping up on some catwalks. They are claimed to be one of the ugliest shoes on the market, but they are more practical then you’d think, and fashionistas seem to be changing their status from a fashion faux pas, to a fashion statement. Made from durable and waterproof material, they are easy to clean and have a design that keeps your feet breathing. Despite them being seemingly ugly and unfashionable, Crocs are comfortable and practical footwear. They are a perfect pair of shoes for people working in places such as labs and medical facilities, but also are great for people working outside the office like beaches and pools – not to mention if you’re working from home! So if you’re feeling adventurous and up to a fashion challenge, here’s one that will certainly get you thinking.


It seems as though some classic, ergonomic sandals never went out of style over the years. In fact, many brands and fashion designers used them in their editorials. These shoes are deemed ideal for people who travel a lot and work in remote locations. For example, Birkenstocks are usually made from natural materials, making them last for years. They are stable, comfortable and sturdy, perfect for long walks on any surface. They are great for personalization because of their adjustable straps, giving you a good amount of support. But most favorable pairs are the Birkenstock Gizeh, especially amongst female travelers and digital nomads. Apart from being insanely comfortable, they are also fashionable and trendy. They come in many colors, from elegant black and white to playful lilac, red and blue tones. Also are available in neutral colors, perfect for pairing with any outfit. As constant travelers need to pack light, they often opt for versatile shoes that can be worn for days, and comfortable sandals fit that description perfectly. You can dress them up and down and their simple design allows you to wear them with different outfits, while still staying comfortable.


I know what you’re thinking – how can basic slides be remotely fashionable? Besides letting your feet breathe, they are, as the name says, very easy to slip on and off. They come in a wide spectrum of styles, designs and are made from a variety of materials. They are extremely practical and comfortable. A lot of big-name designers and high-end brands made their own versions of slide shoes, making them extremely popular amongst celebrities and influencers. You’ve probably noticed that every other person on Instagram has a pair of slides. And with that, their popularity skyrocketed over the years. Until then, people wore them to take out the trash, but slides are now not only allowed outside of the house, but they are a staple piece in our shoe closets. Slides are a perfect option for people who travel a lot and spend long days outside, as they are practical and easy to clean. You can be comfortable and look trendy without the excess buckles, laces and heels. As they come in different styles, you can find a comfy pair that perfectly suits your desired outfit, ranging from a sporty and casual to a more elegant and classic look with faux fur, rhinestones and everything in between.


At the end of the day (or night), nobody really likes to wear tight and uncomfortable shoes, regardless if they are trendy or not. It’s definitely time to say goodbye to killer high heels and replace them with a trendy, comfy pair that you will love to spend time in! Shoes can often affect both your physical and mental health, since having painful feet will prevent you from focusing on basically anything else.  Depending on what your job and working habits are, you can always find the right shoe that goes well with your work environment, whilst still thinking about your health. Being trendy and fashionable is always desirable, but being comfortable is key – and if you’re going to follow in the literal footsteps of digital nomads, social media influencers and stars, then you’ll need to be comfy.

Author: Kelly Wilson

SD Asia Desk