11 startups to look out for in 2019

With the Startup Dhaka incubator officially launched, 11 startups in Bangladesh are on their ways to evolving the startup ecosystem of the country. This might just be a great pipeline for the investors exploring this space.
Akash wants to work with rural agriculture by providing micro insurance to farmers vulnerable to natural calamities.
CGPA matters, is a platform for students to connect over academia, industry relevant dialogues, blogs, and provide them with resources to compliment the education system in making impactful academic and professional decisions.
Mindo is a medicare platform, but the first of its kind in promoting mental awareness, catering to those who need psychological counselling. Their moto, “moner kotha”.
Minimal Furniture is an online shop for customized furniture production. They’ve been operational for almost two years now and are working to go international.
Travel Bangladesh, is one of the top travel information site in Bangladesh that helps you to find every information through Bangla, English and Video content. It also provides contents, video making, digital marketing, it, pr, corporate, Consultancy service to all the Travel companies.
BD Parlors is a one stop shop for all kinds of salon and parlor services catering convenience to customers at all socioeconomic strata.
PickEdu is a peer to peer education platform that connects students to nearest tutors on demand. They’re currently focusing on university students who struggle because of divergent education backgrounds.
Gulistan Online is a marketplace for wholesale goods. Procuring wholesale goods is a great hassle right at this moment, and it’s also highly centralized within a few major cities and locations. Gulistan Online wants to change this and make wholesale products accessible to everyone. You can find, compare and contact the best wholesalers to get the best possible deals.
Dorji-e is a digitized tailoring system, where consumers can choose size, specification and tailor from an aggregated app and avoid the hassle of physically going to the tailor. And the best part is: It’s all automatic and digitized. Even the dress patterns are in-built within the app so that there are no scopes for confusion.
Adama Robotics produces easy-to-use robotics kits, applications and courses for young learners to give them creativity, problem-solving and STEM technical skills better equip them for the future.
Adroit Solar Limited aims to install and do commissioning of industrial solar system industry’s on roof-top, which will reduce the electricity bill of the industry to zero.

Sanan Ahmed