MIGA spots Bangladesh as the 30th largest economy in the coming years

Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), political risk insurance arm of the World Bank, expects Bangladesh to be the 30th largest economy over the next few years with a trillion-dollar GDP. S Vijay Iyer, VP and COO, MIGA, said in a statement,

“In order to ensure sustained economic development, it is essential that the country is seen as a safe harbour for foreign investment, particularly in sectors that are critical towards this growth: energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and agriculture,”

He is currently exploring options in Dhaka to discuss ways of private sector investments in energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and agricultural development by holding meetings with government officials, senior leadership from state-owned and private sector enterprises, financial lending institutions and regional business leaders.

MIGA is assessing a project currently that plans to develop a energy efficient fertiliser plant in Narshingdi with an aim of producing natural gas.

Elvis Gomes