How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand Awareness without Spending Any Money

With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram has enormous potential for e-commerce marketers. Sproutsocial found that the world’s fastest growing social media network is already used by a whopping 25 million businesses to grab a share of the market but there are many more businesses that are afraid to take the plunge due to the fear that marketing on Instagram is too expensive. A quick look at how businesses can increase their brand awareness without spending any money.

Ensure That All Posts Project Your Brand Image

As everyone knows, Instagram is driven by visuals and aesthetic are all-important to its discerning users. Not only do you need to post images that are of very high quality but also you need to dress them up in such a way that they reflect and reinforce your brand image. To do that easily, select a filter and apply it on all images that you post to give them a uniform look. Make sure that the effect the filter gives resonates with what your brand stands for. Make sure that you are telling a compelling story about your brand with your posts providing a reason for the target audience to develop a strong bond with your brand.

Balance the Nature of Your Posts

According to social media marketing experts, the messages should be a balance of promotional posts, conversational posts, and sharing posts. Promotional posts, as the name suggests, are posts that promote your company, the brand, and your products with the intention of making sales. Conversational posts are aimed at sparking off interaction with your audience to make the brand seem more human and connected to the users. Sharing posts are those posts containing industry news or those of other bloggers or companies with whom you have a cross-promoting arrangement. The right balance of posts increases both user engagement in terms of real Instagram likes and the follower base.

Tag Products in Posts to Make Shopping Easier

Instagram is rolling out the option of tagging products in the posts in business accounts that makes e-commerce simpler than before. You need to set up a shop on your Facebook business account that has to be linked with your Instagram account. When users click on the products on your Instagram post, they are led to the Facebook shop from where they can make the purchases. You can also lead the customer to your own website so that you can track your sales better and manage your inventory accordingly.

Use Curated Hashtags to Save Time

Instagram search revolves around hashtags so by researching hashtags in advance, you can save a lot of time at the time of posting. You can have a list of the most relevant hashtags for each type of images that you normally post and just copy them when publishing your post. You can add a few more hashtags that may be applicable at that time, especially if you want to use trending hashtags.


Brand awareness is not something that you can achieve overnight. You need to have a consistent approach to posting content on Instagram that keeps on reinforcing your brand and also engage your followers in such a way that their user experience is maximized.

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Kristen Smith is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram likes for her postings.

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