Women Lag Behind in Using Internet

According to the Global System for Mobile Communications Intelligence Consumer Survey, 86% of the men use mobile phones and 30% are connected to the internet, where only 58% women have mobile phone and only 13% use the internet. Among the 18 countries covered in the survey, Bangladesh has the 2nd largest mobile ownership gender gap with 33%. Pakistan has the widest gap of 37%.

Telecom & ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar thinks that the prime reason for this gap is the social structure.

β€œIn many cases, parents are not unbiased to facilitate their boy and girl children. Sometimes, parents allowed their 12-year-old son to use mobile phones, but girls will not be permitted to do so even when she is 18. But, the situation is changing gradually and the gap will narrow within the next few years,”

The study also confirms that the gender gap in mobile expenditure is 51% which comparatively is way higher than China (18%) and India (19%).

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