10% rise in Exports in February

Exports have risen over the month of February by 10.12% to $3.39 billion which is 7.13% higher than the monthly target of $3.15 billion. Exports from the last 8 months of fiscal year 2018-19 increased by 12.98% against the same period of last fiscal year to $27.56 billion which is 7.815 higher than expected amount of $25.56 billion.

Garment exports rose 14.17% to $23.12 billion of which knitwear accounted for $11.5 billion and woven garment accounted for $11.63 billion. Frozen fish and live fish shipments increased by 2.87 percent year-on-year to $394.03 million.

Exports of vegetables, pharmaceuticals, handicrafts, cotton products, carpets, terry towels, ceramics and furniture also rose during the period. On the other hand, over the last  eight months, export earnings from leather products decreased by 11.5 percent year-on-year to $694.72 million and jute and jute goods fell by 24.36 percent year-on-year to $560.56 million.

Elvis Gomes