Instagram SEO Tactics That Are Guaranteed to Boost Your Website Rankings

While digital marketers have always given a lot of importance to the really important aspects of SEO like keywords and link building, Instagram SEO, by and large, has always been underestimated if not ignored. Even though no activity on Instagram has any direct influence on the page ranking, you do need to take into account the impact resulting from factors like quality content that act to generate mentions, reduce bounce rates, produce inbound links, and increase dwell times; all important SEO signals. Some Instagram SEO tactics that are guaranteed to boost page rankings and generate traffic.

Use Content Hubs to Increase Dwell Times

Increasingly, Google has begun to boost the organic search rankings of pages that display higher user engagement. The modern web surfer is accustomed to clicking successively on SERP links till such time they find the content they want. Against that background, Instagram users averagely spend 32 minutes daily on the app. Therefore, it follows that brands can lock in users more on their website pages by embedding Instagram feeds and branded. The extended dwell time, as well as enhanced interaction with the content, serves to bump up their organic search rankings.

Use Backlinks to Build Page Authority

A 2017 hubspot report observes that 61% of marketers say that their top inbound marketing priority is improving SEO and boosting their organic presence. Marketers with multiple social campaigns have always been frustrated at the constraint of Instagram being able to offer only one link in the bio section as URLs contained in the posts are not clickable. With the launch of Instagram Stories, this constraint has been bypassed and marketers can now insert clickable links as well as contextual CTAs that point directly to channels owned by the marketers thereby accruing valuable backlinks and lending page authority.

Use Wayin Enabled Instagram Stories to Drive Traffic

It is evident that for links in Instagram Stories to be clicked by followers for Instagram, they have to be first seen; if the follower swipes to the next story, the opportunity is gone forever. This is more likely to happen as advertisements in Stories can take more than five seconds to load and the impatient user is long gone by that time. Wayin-powered Stories load instantly allowing users to see them and click the website link. The fact that Wayin pages load five times faster than conventional web pages is a huge plus for traffic generation and conversion.

Develop Keyword Strategy around Common Hashtags

You can only search on Instagram using hashtags; therefore, it is vital that brands use relevant as well as branded hashtags to obtain the maximum visibility. Unlike inserting hashtags in content where you can be penalized for keyword stuffing, you can use any number of hashtags at the end of an Instagram post. With regular use and promotion, branded hashtags can become accepted keywords by themselves. Today, close to 70% of hashtags are branded.


With a little bit of planning, online marketers with a vibrant Instagram account can boost their search engine page rankings significantly. The secret lies in making Instagram content so powerful and engaging that users are compelled to spend more time interacting and send out SEO signals that search engines cannot miss.

Author: Daniel Mattei

SD Asia Desk