Going from Idea to Investment Readiness with Startup Dhaka Incubator

Startup Dhaka has been promoting the startup ecosystem in Bangladesh for more than five years now. Since its inception, Startup Dhaka has been at the front lines, running accelerator programs, startup workshops, and online and offline courses. Startup Dhaka has worked with 1500+ startups, facilitated 68 investments, arranged over 35 startup events, and has published over 78 online courses. In line with these contributions, Startup Dhaka is set to launch a 3-month Incubator program. The Startup Dhaka Incubator is an intensive, result-oriented program and tailored to making business ideas market- and investment-ready. Be it a tech company or a conventional one, Startup Dhaka Incubator will work with any idea that addresses a concrete problem and has the potential for changing lives.

Shohoz, one of the fastest growing ride-sharing platforms in Bangladesh is the supporting partner of the Startup Dhaka Incubator. Facebook, Amazon Web Services, LightCastle Partners, Edge Research & Consultancy, University of Liberal Arts, and Startup Bangladesh have also joined the Incubator as Partners, to help startups transition into the real world of business from just a cool idea.

Applications are now open, and, in the coming days, Startup Dhaka will host several info sessions to orient the participants with the Incubator. The first info session is scheduled to be held on 13th March 2019. After the info sessions, teams will have a clearer sense of expectations for the next three months, and will have had a chance to interact with the program partners.

Startup Dhaka Incubator is a combination of online sessions and one-on-one KPI mentorship during office hours. Participants can take lessons from the convenience of their own homes or offices. They will meet mentors for one-on-one sessions once every week to discuss exclusively their business problems. The KPI session will additionally assess business performance through tasks assigned to them after attending online learning sessions. At the end of the 3 month, intensive process from idea to market and investment readiness, Startup Dhaka Incubator will host a Demo Day for the companies with investors to pitch their respective products.

The incubation program is designed to help early-stage startups to turn their ideas into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 90 days. Startups will not have to give up their equity but the program will cost Tk 50,000 after acceptance into the Incubator and will receive Tk.20,000 scholarship sponsored by Shohoz. The total value of the incubator program is over eight lacs taka (Tk.800,000) when program benefits are measured in monetary value. The 3 months of intense learning will help founders to be investment-ready. Accepted teams will get the following benefits from the partners of Startup Dhaka Incubator.

  •        Scholarship of Tk. 20,000 from Shohoz (all teams), so actual cost of the program is Tk. 30,000
  •        3 months office space and grants option from Startup Bangladesh
  •        FbStart package from Facebook
  •        AWS credit from Amazon
  •        Mentorship and financial modeling guidance from LightCastle Partners
  •        Investment counseling from fund managers of IDLC VC fund I
  •        Investment Linkage and Exclusive Fundraising Mentorship from Edge Research & Consulting
  •        Chance to feature in Tiger Cage, the country’s first Startup Funding reality show

Excited about the new project, Mustafizur Rahman, CEO & Founder of Startup Dhaka said, “We are very excited about the Startup Dhaka Incubator. We have seen many startups struggling to validate their idea in the market for lack of right mentorship. Our experience in investing and mentoring early stage companies has given us real advantage in providing practical insights that founders can readily apply in their businesses.”

Startup Dhaka Incubator would not have come to fruition without Shohoz, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, Edge Research & Consultancy, LightCastle Partners, University of Liberal Arts, and Startup Bangladesh coming forward with a mutual goal of growing the startup ecosystem of Bangladesh.

For more information about the program, one can visit https://startupdhaka.org/incubator or contact nahid.sdasia@gmail.com or call 01797102131


About Startup Dhaka

Startup Dhaka  is a platform that connects entrepreneurs, tech talent and investors through events, content, and venture acceleration. Over last 5 years, it has worked with over 1500+ startups, hosted 35+ over major startup events, arranged funding for over 68+ startups  This company is made in Bangladesh for Bangladeshi startups who faces unique challenges in the local market.

Nahid Farzana