Writing SEO Friendly Content: Tips to Know

If you own a business and have already created a website for the business, it is significant that you take care that all the contents of the website are optimized for the search engines. It is important to know that content, which is SEO friendly, is capable of affecting the placement of the website on all the search engines. If the website is showing up on the very first page of the search engine results, it is obvious that you are going to receive more clicks, likes, shares, as well as engagement. If not a single person is capable of finding your page, even if you are content is best written, it is going to be absolutely pointless. According to www.bluecorona.com, 72% of marketers believe that creating content, which is relevant, is an effective SEO tactic.

Given below is a list of tips that you need to follow in order to ensure that your content is SEO friendly.

Making use of headings and subheadings

Using the headings and subheadings is capable of doing numerous things and contribute greatly towards Search Engine Optimization. Firstly, it is capable of making the writing scan-able and hence it can be read easily. People will be interested in sharing things, which can be read easily, without any hassles. Moreover, sub-headers and headers help in increasing the saturation of the keywords.

Adding links to other content

Adding links to reputable and high-quality websites help in increasing the credibility as well as the validity of the website. If your links are great, it is obvious that your page is going to have a high rank within the search results. Making use of credible sources in your text also helps in creating a bond of trust with all the readers.

Optimizing the length of the article

It is true that Google gives more importance to articles that are long. However, if they are extremely long, it is obvious that you are going to lose the readers. Ensure that the articles are of 300 words minimum and maximum 800 words. Make sure that keywords are making at least 2% of the entire text. Therefore, if you have an article of 500 words, ensure that you are going to include 10 keywords at least.

Choose the keywords in a wise manner

Before you are sitting down to write articles, it is your duty to decide the keywords that you are interested in incorporating. You can pay the marketing services or you can also do it yourself after planning keyword searches. When you begin writing your articles, ensure that you are using the keywords within the title, the tags, the headings, and most importantly, the main body of the article. If you are thinking of hiring the professional service providers, ensure that you go through the reviews from Tayloright.com.

Optimizing the images

An image is essential for making the content shareable and interesting. People will be interested in purchasing from companies that have attractive as well as relevant photos on their websites. You also have the option of optimizing all your photos by adding keywords to the file names.


If you ensure that you are following all the tips that have been mentioned above, you can definitely create contents that are SEO friendly. SEO friendly contents will help in getting more traffic and also improve the SEO score.


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