Instagram As A Social Media Is The Best Answer To Several Questions

As of now, Instagram is probably the most important app on the phone that many smartphone users follow on a regular basis. Even if it is not the most important app, then at least it is the most popular app around. It is an app where people spend most of their time when they use their smartphones.

Some people use Instagram to share their joyous moments while others use it to keep diaries. On the other hand, there are a few people who use Instagram as an artistic platform to share their highquality photos, recordings or art work.

Just like all, you too may like using the Instagram app. However, there may be times when you may have also wondered about the different likes and real Instagram followers of some other users. This may have given rise to several questions in your mind such as:

  • Are there any tips and tricks on using it in a different way than you already do
  • Do other users use it differently
  • How will you get more followers and likes on Instagram
  • How may you get more comments on Instagram and
  • It is really necessary to buy real likes and followers on Instagram to be happy?

Well, Instagram itself seems to have all the answers to your questions and rightly so. In short, this is the best thing that you can integrate to make the best use of and presence in the social media.

However, Instagram is still seen as a photo sharing app mainly by several users and a useful platform through which people can exchange their views and comments quickly and publicly with other Instagram followers.

The useful features

All you need to do is use its innovative and useful features of Instagram for the best results, if you know about these features that is. Here are a few of the features that may be very useful for your efforts.

  • The chat feature on Instagram will enable you to send messages quickly. As if that was not enough and Instagram more recently included another useful feature by which you can send small personal videos.
  • If you do not want to go public, Instagram allows you to change your account to ‘private’ as well. Your account will only be seen by your friends who have been unlocked.
  • Instagram also allows you to edit the pictures easily. It is the filter on the images that will help you to edit the images without having to use any additional apps for that matter.

However, there is no restriction imposed by Instagram on using any additional app for editing your images if you want to makes them stand out from the others in the crowd.Few users in turn prefer to have real reality and upload their images so much so that the smartphones capture the images.

Become an influencer

Using social media and integrating Instagram photos with it, it is very easy to get real Instagram followers and fans. This will enable you to become an influencer if you wish and therefore influence a large number of followers.

However for this you will need to know a few basic things such as:

  • How to become an influencer and
  • The type of messages that should be transferred when you use Instagram.

The answer to both these questions will largely depend on your own orientation, if not entirely. However, it is paramount that you should be in the foreground as an influencer. It is also important that your fans and followers consider you as an absolute role model.

If you can prove to be a good influencer then brands will use your ‘influence’ and even pay high six-figure sum. However, it is important to know at this point that for several companies it is not always possible to work with the influencers. These companies and brands usually grow together with their users and establish a long term and strong cooperative relationship with them.

You may at this point wonder whether it is feasible enough to start your career as an influencer using Instagram now knowing the fact that the market is already over saturated. Well, there is no reason to hold your intentions back as there are several good reasons for that such as:

  • Brands are usually interested in collaborating with authentic influencers who will fit well and exactly in the niche the brand has created and is looking for and
  • More often than not, the Instagram followers have little interest on the follower only and are on the lookout for images that are composed in a better way and are more recognizable.

In most of the cases it is seen that some of the most successful and well-known Instagrammers as well as several Interior Instagrammers use pictures that attracts people so much that they look at it without even reading the name. They get a clear idea about the person simply looking at the style of the image. It is easy for these influencers to get many new followers and also get several real likes on the pictures at the same time.

Ideally, more followers on the Instagram channel will result in more interactions, which is the primary objective of social media. However, there is one thing that is true here: if the picture does not stand out it will not be noticed by other people either.

Use of videos

The best way to grab attention of the viewers is to add videos in your content which is the latest trend amongst the influencers to make the best use of social media. For this you will have to create impressive videos for social media by making the best use of the current trends. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep a tab on the video trends followed in 2018 and will be followed in 2019 such as:

  • Bite-sized video content
  • Live streams
  • AR and VR and
  • Mobile-friendly aspect ratios

You do not have to be an expert for these as you can use the easy to use Video Editor and jump right in to start using it.

Author bio:

Daniel Mattei is a well-known influencer and has inspired several Instagram followers to take this up as a career. You can read a lot of his articles in several websites and journals.

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