A Peek into the Kitchen of The Flying Thai Food

The Flying Thai Food is a startup from Bangkok, Thailand that makes 20,000 USD a month via delivering by SF express the famous Thai dish “Tomyum Kung” to the southern part of China customers. FTF operates in both offline and online stores. The company has 3 offline franchised stores in Guilin and another 1 will be in Changsha in Hunan Province. Those offline stores also perform as a production house for shipping all around China.



The Flying Thai Foods found by Nitinagin Mingrugiralai, a former marketing manager at KKday in Taiwan and Blued in Beijing. He got an idea when his wife, Wei Na, brought an MRE Hot Pot to Thailand. Nitinagin thought this could be adapt to Thailand Tom Yum soup and scale to worldwide.


After he quit from KKday, he moved to China to rent a small factory in Guilin to start his food labs by the help of one food specialist from US Army and later became the FTF co-founder, Mongkhol. By the Mongkhol’s sterilised process, FTF’s Tomyum can be kept in normal temperature (under 40-degree celsius) for 30 days. There are many retailers and supermarkets contact FTF for taking this Tomyum to sell in their shops. However, Nitinagin always refuses due to he believes that the most important part of making the Flying Thai Food success is to enhance the relationship between the brand and the customers. Therefore, FTF wants the customers to buy their foods and products via their stores only (both offline and online) in order to keep the feeling into their foods via its brand.



In the later stage, the Flying Thai Food has a plan to use vending machine to sell their products. India, Bangladesh, Japan, EU, and US is FTF target after finish raising the series A round. Currently, the company is during the Startup Incubator Program 100 (SIP100) in Hanoi which organised by Foreign Trade University of Vietnam.

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