Effective tips to help you promote your blog on Instagram

Are you someone who runs a blog? You shall be excited to know then that you would be able to easily promote your blog through the social media application of Instagram. Today, a lot of people are still skeptical about using Instagram for their blog promotion and their online businesses. People feel that the app will not be able to help them in developing their businesses. But around 70% of major business firms use Instagram for promoting their products and services. It is a great social media platform for sharing and promoting content while keeping a wider engagement with the audience. In this article, you will be learning about some effective methods for connecting in a better way with your audience and promoting your blog through Instagram.

Do you have an Instagram profile already but without a big audience?

This is alright, this happens with everyone, and all of us need to start from the bottom. You will be building your audience slowly and gradually. It is, of course, understandable that you will not be able to build your audience organically if you do not have some amazing content to post first. You will have to find the right type of content that you want to promote. But here are some easy and basic methods for increasing the number of Instagram followers that you have got.

  1. Connect your official blog and Facebook page to your profile on Instagram.
  2. Link your Instagram profile with other social platforms that you are active on.
  3. Mention about your Instagram profile on your blog also and ask people to follow you on Instagram.
  4. Put your Instagram profile as the outgoing signature on your emails.
  5. Also, in the newsletters, you send in your email marketing campaigns, put down your Instagram link.
  6. Add the URL to your Instagram profile in the author box of your blog.

Some smart methods for promoting your blog on Instagram

Now that you have become aware of how you should increase your followers on Instagram, it would be important for you to promote your content on Instagram so that more people can learn about your products.

  1. Add your bio and introduce yourself – You need to begin with the profile bio. You should try to make this as good as you can. Do not leave this complete bank because that will have negative outcomes. You need to remember to keep the bio short and also accurate. You must tell your users what type of work you do, who you are and what you really like to do. You should also remember to put a good CTA or call to action button with a link leading to your blog. This is essential because it will function as a clickable link to your business center. More people will be able to visit your blog from your Instagram post through this way.


  1. Publish relevant and high-quality content – Before you think of uploading photos or sharing more videos on Instagram, you need to think about the relevancy and the quality of the content. In the event that you should try to promote the blog then your content will be directed towards specific audiences. You can start this by having a list of the several forms of Instagram uploads made which relate to your specific industry. Besides, keep all your content focused on the theme or topic of your blog and online business, you also need to ensure that the posts you share are all of great quality. You should always upload beautiful photos and have some filters or light effects put in the photos. Your content needs to be creative.


  1. Screenshots of the blog posts – One of the best methods of sharing your blog posts with Instagram followers and get more organic traffic driven to your blog will be by using screenshots of your blog post with your smartphone. You should also consider editing the photo to make it look more beautiful. You can include some short descriptions or some relevant hashtags that can make your posts appear more relevant to the topics of your blog. Once again add the Call to Action button and ask people to click the link and read the post completely.


  1. Follow the content uploaded by other bloggers – Your posts have to be more engaging and have likable content. This will easily make you become more noticeable and help you grow the number of followers you have on Instagram. You can also effectively do this by following, liking and commenting on the content which other bloggers from your niche upload. You need to check if these bloggers have profiles on Instagram and if they do, then you need to follow them all. You need to locate content which is similar to the ones you upload and then engage with them and put likes and comments to get noticed more.


  1. Consider sharing some behind the scenes photos – You should try to be transparent during your blogs because this will lead you to generate more trust in your followers. You can consider sharing certain behind the scenes photos on Instagram and use it to connect with more people. You can upload photos of yourself while you write new posts, record new videos, photos of your office decor and so on for behind the scenes photos. When you add these behind the scenes posts, you will add the essential human element in the marketing or promotion of your brand and a lot of people will be relating to these contents and trusting you more. You can consider visiting in order to learn more about how you can use Instagram successfully for promoting your blog and your business website through Instagram. For more information, visit Gramblast.


Arguably the easiest and most popular method of brand promotion today is through Instagram in the field of digital marketing. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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