Different Use & Cases of SMS: Texting Makes It So Valuable For Small Businesses

Undoubtedly, more and more businesses rely on email marketing, search engine marketing or any other paid social marketing in order to promote their business and products. In such a situation and a common perspective, it is very difficult if not impossible to stand out from the crowd, especially if you are an owner of a small business. This is because you will have a limited budget to compete with the major brands.

Therefore, marketers try to find a useful and effective way in which both the large organizations as well as the small businesses may be able to reach out to their targeted audience and do exactly what they want. It is found that the often forgotten channel, business text messaging, is the best method to follow and reap the innumerable inherent benefits of it.

There are lots of different ways in which you can use text messaging to increase business efficiency and operation and also to make life easier for your customers. It will also help you to reach out to new audiences.

Different use cases

The use and effectiveness of business text messaging are varied and extensive. Some of the specific uses are as follows.

  • Sales promotions: The estimated open rate of business text messaging is about 99% and a majority of these are opened within three minutes of sending. This means it is not only attractive but is also extremely cost-effective with a guaranteed success rate. This is the best option for promoting sales especially if your promotions are time sensitive. In comparison, an average email campaign has only 50% chance of being opened and that too after at least six hours of sending. Therefore, you can bolster your sales if you integrate your email marketing with text message marketing for small business.
  • Marketing campaigns: If marketing is all that you want then this can also help you a lot in this aspect. As a “rule of seven” of marketing it is required that you reach out to your potential customers in various places and in a number of different ways so that you can convert them to purchase. All marketing campaigns need to be integrated nowadays in order to be successful though the number of touches it will take is a matter of debate. SMS marketing campaigns will help you to do this effectively as you can easily pair email marketing with bulk text messaging. This will help people engage with diverse communication channels and over time it will help you to get a clear picture of how and where the members of your customer database prefer to be contacted.
  • Orders: In this modern business world where orders and payments are made though mobile phones, you can text messages effectively to place orders as well. This will seemingly fill up the endless barriers to entry. Most importantly, most of the orders being straightforward it is highly likely that it will be a repeat of the last purchase. In short, text messaging is the best available way to simplify ordering and make it usual.
  • Discounts: If you want to create discount vouchers and coupons which can be a bit of a headache then this is the best way to do so. There are a number of sites on the internet that are dedicated to making discount offers, sharing promo codes and others that are used to get cash back or money off. However, if you follow the text message coupon distribution method, it is highly likely that it will be sued. Study shows that mobile coupons have 10 times more likelihood to be redeemed as compared to any traditional paper variety. These offers are much more valuable and effective rather than forcing your customers to sign up for your email newsletter to get a coupon. The risk in this is that it can become a real hindrance to purchase if the consumers give up on trying filling in the complex form on their smartphone especially if the area has patchy reception.
  • Virtual gifts: SMS texting is the most attractive and effective way to build a customer database for bulk texting in the future or to offer virtual gift card. This will allow the recipients and increase the chance of collecting the real gift in a store. As the gift card will always be there in the smartphone there will be no chance of losing it or forgetting to pick it up when you leave home.
  • Product launches: SMS texting is much more convenient when it comes to product launches. This will offer you high open rates, personalization with the available data, easy linking to mobile sites and app stores not only in theory but also in practice since there is a high chance of your customers opting in. It is even very useful to your target market if you are using a third party list though in this case it may cost you a bit to get access.
  • Product verification: SMS texting is the best way to verify a product or confirm a password even. It can be used for integrated mobile phone number verification using SMS and Voice Call or even via a Missed Call on iOS, Android or online. This means you will build a 100% legit database of authenticated phone numbers.
  • Appointments and reminders: SMS texting can be extremely helpful for doctors and other professionals to deal with appointment basis is no-shows effectively. Better than manual calls, these can send reminders or even information regarding any cancelled appointments saving time, money and frustrations.

You can also use SMS texting for receiving email alerts as text messages. In addition to that you can use it for enhancing customer support conducting short surveys to gather customer feedbacks easily. It will also help you in different other aspects such as:

  • Recruitment
  • Human resources
  • Goods tracking
  • Arrivals and check-ins and
  • Gather several other important information

Most importantly, SMS texting will remove the headache of spams which is often associated with email marketing. Well, even after reading about a thousand words, you still know just a few benefits of SMS text messaging for businesses.

Author: Jack Dsouja

SD Asia Desk