SPRING organizes its 2nd event in South Asia

SPRING organizes its 2nd event in South Asia with Honourable Minister of Information Communication and Technology of Bangladesh Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP as chief guest at EMK Center, Dhaka on Thursday, 31st January, 2019. The event aimed to educate audience on  women and entrepreneurship, failing forward, design thinking and girl research. Spring is working in 9 countries on a 5-year programme which aims to engage with 75 business. The programme has worked with 7 businesses in Bangladesh with a primary goal of developing market-driven products and services to impact the lives of adolescent girls using a human centered design approach. The businesses provide solutions for girls like upskilling, creating income sources and ensuring health etc. in various sectors, including agriculture, health, sanitation and finance.

6 Businesses, Maya Apa, Leaping Boundaries, Drinkwell, Jeeon, Women in Digital and iSocial from Cohort 1 & 2 pitched before the audience and talked about how SPRING’s human centered design approach enhanced their solutions for the adolescent girls. Ivy Russell, CEO & Founder, Maya Apa and Piplu R Khan, Founder, Applebox Films conducted a session on Failing Forward with the Undo Project.

Drinkwell addresses Bangladesh’s arsenic water crisis, which affects over 20 million people by selling water filtration systems in arsenic-prone areas to rural entrepreneurs. Currently, drinkwell is testing a new distribution model to provide access to clean drinking water via a water ATM in urban areas.

iSocial works through a network of ‘Kallyanis,’ women entrepreneurs, who deliver women- and girl-focused products door to door in remote areas. By participating in the Kallyani programme, marginalised women are provided with the opportunity to build their capacity and become entrepreneurs.

Leaping Boundaries provides madrasah students with soft skills, technological education and psychological support to ensure their general well-being, with the goal of increasing their visibility on platforms where they are typically underrepresented.

Maya Apa empowers girls and young women through access to information on women’s health and anything of relevance to their lives, connecting them to expert advice on health, psycho-social and legal services through an anonymous messaging platform.

Women in Digital is a team of female technologists dedicated to bringing more Bangladeshi women into the digital economy. They promote IT skills and careers to girls through access to training and role models.

Jeeon improves access to rural healthcare in Bangladesh by upskilling rural pharmacies through technology and by connecting them to quality healthcare service providers, drugs and products in order to bridge the gap between unserved patients and quality healthcare.

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