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The marketing world is getting more difficult with the passage of time. The presence of an online market has broadened the horizon for marketing but has also led to excessive competition. It is understandable that multiple business owners are present who are dealing with the same kind of products which makes it all the more difficult to grab the attention of the audience. People who have business websites need to do a lot of work for ensuring that the websites are able to generate revenue. However, the task of making a website that will perform brilliantly in the online field is not that easy because with the rapid pace of evolution in technology the website making strategies also have to be upgraded for ensuring proper visibility in the online field.

The important aspects of web designing

Web designing is basically a process which allows people to create websites that will be used for featuring the business products or services of a particular company. The website needs to be built in such a way so that people can access the website easily and find what they are looking for. Website designing is a nuanced process which has to be done by keeping several factors in mind. A few core factors are discussed below:

  • Clarity of information

Each and every website includes information. This information can be written or, but the way in which this information is presented before the virtual visitors is the most important thing. Clarity is extremely important with regard to the presentation of information. The categorization of data and its presentation is paramount in providing users with a great experience. While navigating if a person is unable to understand the information presented on the site or is not getting the information he/she is looking for then the whole point behind making a website will be lost.

  • The arrangement of content

The home page of any website is very important and has to be perfectly formed for delineating the main idea behind the website. However, if graphics elements are used on the home page which can also include videos, then those have to be optimized so that the loading time taken is not more than 5 seconds. People cannot simply wait for the home page to load and are bound to navigate way if loading errors are observed. Thehomepage should have the entire content of the website neatly arranged. However, that does not mean the each and every piece of information should be present because that will make the homepage look cluttered. Menus and links should be kept so that people can choose what they want to look for and then navigate to that web page for related information.

  • Optimizing phrases or words into links

The use of phrases like ‘click here’ is no longer that popular. In today’s world website designing is done by making text into hyperlinks. A particular word or phrase can be highlighted and when a person clicks on that then information related to that opens in another page. The opening of such pages within the website is a good idea as it will prevent the opening of too many pages. However, if the link is connected to another website, then it will obviously open in another page. In cases of pages which are being opened within a website, it is important to keep an active homepage icon on successive pages so that the person doesn’t have to use the back button for returning to the home page but can simply click on the home page link to directly go back to the main webpage.

The implication of responsive web designing

Often the term responsive is used for designing websites. A UX design company is given the task of making websites more approachable and accessible by users. The experience of virtual visitors on a particular online site will be great only if the website is designed keeping the present technical aspects of user experience in mind. In a very simple manner, the meaning of responsive web design is to make a website that has the ability to adapt as per the device which is being used for accessing the website.

It is known that in today’s world there is a plethora of gadgets and devices which are being used for accessing the internet. The screen size of each type of gadget differs greatly so if a website which is prepared for a desktop site won’t provide the user with a similar experience when it is viewed from a Smartphone. This creates a problem because then the user base of the website gets reduced and becomes limited to only desktop users which is not at all good news with regard to business and marketing. Therefore responsive web designing helps in forming a compatible website which can be viewed from all types of devices. However, this does not mean that there multiple versions of the same site on the internet which can create cases of duplication and might lead people to the wrong version of the website. Instead, the same website is designed using responsive web designing strategies which ensure that the content is present as a single source and not multiple copies.

The effect of responsive web designing

The focus on the arena of mobile development is fairly new, but the number of subscribers present in the mobile field is very high. People are moving towards lighter and portable technology which is why mobile devices are gaining huge popularity. The designing of mobile sites will help business owners to familiarize people with their business in a simpler manner. The search-ability of the business will also increase, and the conversion rate for mobile customers can become higher. Ability to browse a particular site on the mobile device will help users to access information from anywhere and at any given point of time.

Hence, for ensuring succinct marketing, it is sensible to opt for a responsive designing of online sites so that the user base is broadened.

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Author : Jack Dsouza

SD Asia Desk