Asia Pacific Expected to Dominate in Overall Dental Hygiene Devices Market

Recently released studies surrounding the dental hygiene devices market show that the Asia Pacific is slated to become the dominant region for sales and consumption of dental technology. India, due to its rapidly growing population and economic clout, is expected to be the most prominent country in this market, closely followed by China. As both countries have medical tech experts expecting an impressive compound annual growth rate, the important details lie in the reasons behind the overall growth in popularity of devices throughout Asia Pacific.

What’s Powering the Growth of Dental Hygiene Devices?

On a global scale, the growth of this market is driven by the increasing numbers of those affected by dental diseases. In fact, compared to their South Asian neighbors, studies show that Indians have a relatively high prevalence of dental diseases, with about a third of the population suffering from periodontal problems. As the country’s healthcare infrastructure continues to develop, along with the rest of the world, dental hygiene practices are developing as well and are expected to continue to fuel this interest in dental hygiene devices.

Furthermore, the development and integration if artificial intelligence into the global healthcare framework has finally reached India and begun to permeate the dental industry in a way that fuels interest and increases access to this type of care and technology. Reports in recent years have pointed to dental problems as one of the biggest health issues in India and noted that the lack of access to proper care is largely to blame. Calls for a revised oral health policy for the entire country combined with the fact that 90% of concentration of dental professionals in India reside where only 30% of population resides make this shift towards dental device consumption very welcome and necessary.

Dental Devices Driven by Technology

While the term dental devices was traditionally used to denote any sort of device or treatment that helps repair damaged teeth, straighten your teeth or replace missing teeth. With devices such as dental implants that don’t require surgery becoming more popular, people in India are finding that access to quality dental care has improved. Not only are these types of devices becoming more accessible and economic, they help to solve problems that can occur due to periodontial issues, such as diabetes, heart attacks and more. As technology advances even further, experts note just how much this will help dentists all throughout South Asia, with artificial intelligence becoming one of the top dental devices technology trends. While this will undoubtedly help India compete in the dental devices market, Analytics India reported that what the technology really does is help improve the efficiency with which dentists can work.

Domination of a Market Points to Increased Access to Care

As India’s growing dental market continues to dominate South Asia, dental devices and the smart technology that’s driving them will help increase efficiency, preventative care efforts and overall transform the oral health division of the industry. With over a third of the population suffering from some type of dental issue, this is positive news for citizens who have been lacking proper access to quality care at an affordable price.

Author: Jenny Holt

SD Asia Desk