Imagine Radio – The Bangladeshi startup with most advanced music streaming platform starts its journey

Imagine Radio, an entertainment media startup rising from Bangladesh focused on music streaming started its journey today from its office located at DevoTech Technology Park, Gulshan, Dhaka.

As a startup from Bangladesh, Imagine Radio is aimed at building an advanced digital entertainment ecosystem where Bangladeshi music lovers and Bangladeshi musicians will enjoy the true benefits of the new digital era initiated by the Government of Bangladesh.


Imagine Radio’s goal is to offer the most unique music experience for the users while establishing maximum musician welfare. Imagine Radio has built one of the most advanced media technology platform in Bangladesh – all with a team of Bangladeshi talents. Imagine Radio app’s are artificially intelligent with smart recommendations and engagement capabilities and while the user experience is designed according to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

For the musicians’ Imagine Radio brings a range of unique services that includes per-stream royalty, dedicated dashboard for musicians & labels, music fan/audience analytics, dedicated profile section for musicians, marketing services and many more – all free for the musicians. Moreover, Imagine Radio will be available in 52 countries – taking Bangladeshi music to the world. For the upcoming musicians, indie artists and indie bands, Imagine Radio will act as a launch-pad for their musical career. Indie musicians will enjoy special services for their album release, promotion, brand consultation, copyright and other related areas.


On the user’s side, Imagine Radio brings more than 10 million local & international music and thousands of playlists by moods, lifestyle, activities, etc all made by music specialists. Moreover, Imagine Radio’s Smart Recommendations system will help users pick the right music the right time.

All three founders of the platform attended the press meet, Imagine Radio’s Chairman Raihan Shamsi and CEO Shahriar Shahid and COO Ahmed Rakib demonstrated many aspects and features of the app and the platform. They also answered questions from the media colleagues. Chairman Raihan Shamsi said that paying the right amount of respect to the musical community is crucial and one of pour main goals.  In addition, CEO Shahriar Shahid added that only if we can imagine, everything is achievable. He believes that Imagine Radio is the most robust content creating app ever created in Bangladesh, as they are the perfect generator of on-spot mood enhancers. Jafar Reza Chowdhury, Registrar of Bangladesh Copyright Office, believes that music is still a very risky career to pursue. But with the right motivation and skill set, everything is attainable.


In Bangladesh, where it is often difficult for musicians to remain motivated to their creative aspirations and where music lovers actually do not have an avenue to enjoy music from legal means, Imagine Radio believes smart application of technology can bring a solution for this situation, ensure musicians are rightfully rewarded for their creative works and music lovers can access music from the most convenient means.

Imagine Radio apps are available in Android and iOS platforms and it is free for the users. Soon a full featured desktop application will be launched.

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